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5 Reasons Why It’s Good To Be A Victorias Secret Angel


Forget about famous pop stars and Hollywood actresses – the new coveted icons these days are the Victorias Secret models.

Victorias Secret has become somewhat of a luxurious treat for any of us Irish ladies when visiting the States. Whether its a saucy set of underwear or their yummy scented body sprays, we’ve all indulged a little in the famous American lingerie brand. And what of their representitives? We’re not talking their sales assistants or PR team, We’re talking the models – THE ANGELS. Those beautiful exotic women we see grace the pages of showbiz sites or fashion blogs for their elegance and sexiness both on and off the runway.

Women want to be them, Men want to date them. But what is it that makes them stand out from other regular supermodels?

Lets have a look at the Top 5 reasons why its good to be a Victorias Secret Angel


1) Taking Part In The Most Famous Runway Show Of The Year

It’s one of the most anticipated runway shows of the year. The lingerie. The wings. The glamour. I think we’ve all sighed in envy at the videos and photos at some stage of the year. Some of us use them as inspiration to get ‘Summer Fit’, and well, some of us like to just have a good old perve (Don’t lie!)

The brand showcase their latest collections by way of a sexy fashion show featuring all of their ‘angels’ donning fabulous back pieces and wings, adding to the gorgeousness of it all (as if they weren’t dreamy enough as they were).


2) It Will Generally Lead To A High-Fashion career

Case in point – Miranda Kerr. Victorias Secret launched Miranda’s US career. She has since gone on to model for designer brands such as Balenciaga and Prada, as well as high street brands such as Mango and H & M. Many of the other ‘Angels’ have followed the same career path over the years.


3) You and Your Mates Are All Bloody Gorgeous

Gisele, Heidi, Adriana, Candice, Alessandra. Even all their names are attractive. Imagine being a part of a group of friends with that many toned legs and hot bods. How do they leave the mirror? No bad hair days or dodgey tan lines when you’re a VS Angel.


4) Chances Are You’ll End Up Dating Leonardo DiCaprio At Least Once In Your Life

Let’s just say, Leo certainly has a type. Tall, Blonde, Leggy – Check, Check, Check.These are all common qualities of most of the heart throbs previous conquests. Oh and did we mention he has dated at LEAST 3 Victorias Secret models? (Gisele Bundhcen, Bar Rafaeli & current squeeze Toni Garnn, We’re looking at you)

Victoria's Secret Angels Visit SoulCycle

5) You’re Beautiful Inside And Out

Nobody can begrudge you for your beautiful good looks and glamorous lifestyle because turns out you can be beautiful on both the inside as well as out. Victorias Secret have delivered record-breaking charity results previously. The 2012 VS Fashion show raised over €1.1 million for non-profit charity organisations such as the American Cancer Society and world Of Children. The angels have also hosted ‘Supermodel Cycles’ where they themselves cycled for charities supporting Cancer research matching every dollar donated.

Turns out they’re not just your average super-models, They portray having beauty from within, Helping others selflessly which is what makes them even more beautiful. Not a bad inspirational bunch at all.





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