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5 Reasons We Wish We Were At COACHELLA


Its that time of year again – Festival season’s annual kick-off at California’s Coachella. Our timelines and Instagram feeds are filled with celebs and their sunny snaps making us jealous but at the same time inspiring us for our own Summer festivals to come.

We can’t help but hope and dream that one day we can afford a trip to the desert wonderland and frolick with the stars, fashionistas and general lucky people who get to go.

Here are our reasons why we wish we were at Coachella …

1) The Weather


One thing our dear Irish festivals lack is the good weather. Sure, we have mud fights, plastic ponchos and flooded tents to entertain us but don’t you think we’d enjoy festivals just a *liiittle* bit more if the sun was shining? We could wear all the awesome clothes we want, relax on the grass with some beers and actually enjoy seeing the bands play without getting assaulted in the face by torrential rain.

Coachella Valley is a nice land-locked little desert where there’s no escape from the intense sunshine. Everyone looks tanned. Everyone looks happy. It’s the way life should be lived really.

2) The Style


The style kind of goes hand in hand with the weather really. With Coachella happening in early April setting the tone for the upcoming Summer, we do try imitate what we see the stars wearing on blogs and in magazines. But let’s be honest it never looks the same when topped off with a rain coat and wellies. Of course, that’s all part of our signature look for festivals in Ireland and the UK, but don’t you secretly wish you could don that bikini top and denim cut-offs? Wouldn’t it be nice to know your new floppy hat won’t get water damaged? For once we’d like to wear a maxi dress and not drag mud around for the day.

Coachella style is where it’s at. How many of us are glued to Insta every day waiting for uploads of all the awesome style?

3) The Celebs 


Part of the reason we even know about Coachella is the ever growing celeb guest list in attendance every year. It seems like everyone who’s ANYONE goes there most years – From supermodels to Hollywood actors. Festival goers have included Beyonce, Alexa Chung, Katy Perry, Vanessa Hudgens, The Hiltons, K Stew and R Patz, Aaron Paul, and so much more. So while Coachella might get Kendall and Kylie, at our local festival we’re more likely to get Christie from Fair City. And while we do appreciate our beloved Irish celeb’s, they just don’t set off our excitement quuuiite so much.

4) The Cool After Parties 


The fun doesn’t stop when the bands finish playing. When the sun goes down the race is on to find the coolest after parties and there are a lot to choose from. From pool parties to late night DJ sets, parties are held by celebs, magazines and even clothing brands such as H & M. We hope our California music friends spare a thought for us as we traipse back to our tents or catch the last awful bus back home for the night.

5) The Experience


Generally, if you’re a festival stalwart then travelling is probably also your thing. Hopping on a quick plane to Glastonbury or even some of the European festivals is all well and good, but there’s something alluring about ticking off Coachella or even an Oz festival off the bucket list. They’re that bit further away and foreign to us. It can bring a completely new festival experience – different weather, different people, different culture. Us Irish should get to experience it at least once in our lives, if only to give out and compare it to home 🙂


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