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‘Alice’ & ‘Charlotte’ currently the favourite names for second royal baby!

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So bookmakers are currently taking bets on everything to do with the birth of the second royal baby, even the colour of the dress Kate will be wearing on her appearance outside the hospital!!!! (Yellow is the favourite in that category, followed closely by pink and purple! Brown however has the lowest odds!)

The gender and name are of course the main topics!

It seems Alice and Charlotte are the bookies current favourites, while Macbeth (!) and Ringo are two of the least favourites at 500/1!

Surprisingly, the name Elizabeth is at 5/1 odds, while the name Diana ranks at 20/1. The name Camilla meanwhile is currently at 100/1 odds. 

Should The Cambridges have a boy, the name Arthur appears to be the favourite, while the names William and Charles rank further down the list of odds at 50/1.  

Had to LOL at this photo Perez Hilton uploaded! Imagine a little Prince D’Shawn!








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