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How Beer Can Benefit Your Hair … Yes Really!

beer-for-hair (2)

Before you start thinking you can drink as much beer as you like … That’s not where we are going.

Hair boffins have revealed that bathing your hair in beer has benefits. Scientific benefits, oooh!!

Apparently beer contains lots of lovely vitamins and proteins which helps enrich your hair, add softness and shine as well as the alcoholic minerals which has a cleansing effect. So much so that many hair companies have started adding beer to their products ingredients!!

girl-washing-hair-with-beer (2)

Barley, which gives beer that lovely taste, also dual jobs as a folicle strengthener, hair is in its best condition when the folicles are at their strongest.

Catherine Zita JOnes, Elle Macpherson and Demi Moore are all celebs who have done the old beer wash, and their locks speak for themselves.

So girls, you can literally grab a bottle of beer and massage into your scalp while washing your hair. Let the beer go to room temperature and give your hair a little wash and rinse with your shampoo first, then add the beer (- don’t leave the stickiness or smell, we want you to have beautiful hair, not have your friends and family think you’re constantly in the pub) 😉

Et voila, shiny hair even the celebs approve of. Would you be tempted to give this a go?


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