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Beyonce Fans Get Best Night Out Ever!!


How much do you wish something like this would happen to you?!?! A girls night out singing karaoke turned into a private concert when Beyonce herself dropped in on some lucky fans in Miami!!

Jay Z, Beyoncé and her Destiny’s Child bandmates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, were rehearsing in a private room last week at Sing Sing Karaoke, when the ladies decided to pop into a neighbouring suite for a laugh. Coincidentally, the three girls they walked in on were in the middle of belting Beyoncé’s hit Party, so Queen Bey did the only decent thing to do in the situation…join in!!!


Once the room’s occupants realized who had barged in, and gotten over the shock I imagine, they had the night of their lives singing several songs, taking videos and even photobombing one of the girls who was unlucky enough to be asleep through the entire encounter!!!

If it weren’t for the pics, no one might have ever believed these lucky ladies. Surely this qualifies as best karaoke ever??!


(Images and source – People)


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