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Channing Tatum’s Valentines Surprise!


Just when you thought Channing Tatum couldn’t possibly get any more lovable after his stint on Lip Sync Battle, he goes and does this!

Last night, one lady actually got to have Channing Tatum whisper romantic sayings in her ear while feeding her sweets.

Yes really!

Jenna Dewan Tatum has nothing to worry about however as it was all part of a set-up on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

As part of the surprise, the presenter had his security guard, Guillermo, find a lady to be Channing’s surprise Valentine.


The girl, a student called Jennifer, was selected at random from the many passers-by on Hollywood Boulevard and invited straight on to the set. What she didn’t know however was that the Magic Mike star was waiting for her!

Jennifer, who was greeted by Channing upon her arrival into studio, was not surprisingly almost lost for words as she took her seat next to the heartthrob.

(Frankly, we would have fainted right there on the spot!)

30E1732200000578-3431930-image-m-40_1454601297607Once the music started playing, Channing then started whispering the messages that were printed on each of the Love Heart sweets he selected, some romantic, some hilarious.

You HAVE to watch this!



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