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Christmas Re-Gifted!

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A survey carried out by leading voucher company One 4 All revealed that 71% of people believe that re-gifting unwanted Christmas gifts is perfectly acceptable.

Anyone out there receive an unwanted pressy this year? Planning on sneakily re-gifting?

Key findings

  •     48% view re-gifting as ‘perfectly acceptable’
  •     45% admit re-gifting unwanted presents to friends the most with other family members following at 20%, work colleague 12% and mothers at 9%

A resounding three quarters (71%)  of those questioned by One4all admitted to re-gifting presents given to them by friends and family.

The survey into gifting etiquette reveals that while most of us think that it is perfectly acceptable to re-gift, 36% say that it depends on who the gift was from in the first place.

A friend is most likely to be on the receiving end of an unwanted present (45%) while 12% say they’re most likely to give an unwanted gift to a work colleague.

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Is there a receipt with that?

The One4all Survey also finds that it’s relatively ok to ask for a receipt when receiving your gift. With only 16% saying that they would find it offensive. More people (46%) would find it more offensive if you didn’t say ‘thank you. Does this mean that not only is re-gifting on the rise but now it’s acceptable to change that unwanted gift for something you really want for Christmas.

Commenting on the research Aoife Davey, group marketing manager, One4all said: “It’s clear from the findings that while there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to gifting etiquette, people still re-gift and do not see this as a rude option. January is no doubt  a key time for passing on unwanted presents to friends, family and loved ones you haven’t seen over the Christmas – or colleagues forgotten in the Kris Kindle!

Gift cards are the seriously smart way to avoid any re-gifting embarrassment and One4all gift cards come with the added bonus of not having an expiry date and the extra security of being governed by the 2nd European e-money directive. This directive means that all One4all Gift Card funds must be held in a secure segregated client fund account so money loaded onto the card is fully protected.”

So who was planning on re-gifting those socks from Granny this year?




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