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Quarter Life Crisis? Suffered A Set-back? Our Guide To Keeping Your Head Up

Have you suffered some kind of setback in your life recently? Whether it was the demise of a relationship, losing your job or having to move home to your parents, it happens, it’s life. And unfortunately at times, it sucks. BUT, You are not alone, in fact there’s more of us out there than we know about. While we can’t fix these things for you we can give you a little guide on how to keep the head held high when you suffer a personal setback, a little inspiration to keep you moving towards your eventual true goal and happiness.


As us girls near our late twenties/early thirties (or women should i say), we develop a panicked inner voice that tells us we should have our lives together by a certain age. It tells us we should have the whole package by now – Husband, Kids, Career. Maybe its that ‘biological clock’ we’ve told ourselves we have? Maybe its a sign of our economical times? Women are becoming as successful, if not more, than men in the career world. Shouldn’t we all be kicking ass in the office by now? But on the other side, the recession is still picking off certain sectors in the workplace causing a lot of us to step back in our careers or worse for some, losing their homes and jobs altogether. We read about it in the media, every day, and have done for years, for some of us it’s become a numbing read, we’ve heard it many times before. Almost like it’s not thought about until it effects you. But the reality is it is happening, every day, to a lot of us.


The reason we don’t realise this is largely due to the world of personal social media. The internet, though mostly amazing it is, has also created monsters of us. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – All used daily by the world over to provide snaps and snippets of our individual lives. But that’s all they are – snaps and snippets – moments in time. We ALL only show the best bits, we know this because we do it ourselves. But how come, knowing this, when the chips are down we still torture ourselves by comparing our lives to someone elses social media ‘high-lights’? How many of us have stayed up late scouring through someone elses photos seething with jealousy? ‘Look at her life.’  ‘She got married?’ ‘How many kids does he/she have?’ ‘She must make more money than me’! If you have suffered a set-back TURN OFF THE LAPTOP. The worst thing you can do is wallow and compare. We lose sight of reality. We forget the rationality we knew before. Life isn’t all its made up to be on facebook. Hand over your user name and password.


Put yourself out there, make every minute of your life count. Lost your job? Broke up with someone? Sure, we all need a day or two of crying in bed with our Sex & The City box-set (It’s like a rule), but don’t let it define you, don’t get swallowed into that sad rut. Take some time, readjust, and look at what’s next. Where do you want to go from here? You have the power to make a fresh start. Maybe you always wanted to go to college, take a course. Or maybe you would like to try a career change altogether. Gather your experience and readjust the cv and get applying. You absolutely will never know where it will lead you.


Many successful people around us have had to start from the bottom, it’s the only way up right? Who says you can’t start your successful life in your late twenties or thirties? Don’t let life set rules for you. It’s hard to see now, but you’re where you are for a reason and it might not seem fair that it ‘came easily to others’ because i can guarantee you it didn’t. Nobody got their dream job by sitting at home miserable or creeping on facebook. And nobody certainly found the man of their dreams there either. So whether its a relationship setback or a career setback, mourn its loss by all means, but you have the power to move your life forward and that’s a pretty awesome feeling when you really think about it.


Lean on your friends and family. Talking things through and being honest is sometimes half the help. The worst part of going through a ‘quarter life crisis’ is feeling like its just you. Once you open up you’ll realise everybody has their problems. That girl your so envious of on facebook for having an amazing job? Maybe she might be suffering a heart-break. The happy couple who seem to have the most incredible relationship, maybe they can’t stand one another 5 days out of the week. Everyone has struggles, not all as bad as eachother but there are so many worse things happening in the world and talking it out puts that into perspective. Friends and family are the ones who’s shoulders you can cry on but minutes later will slap you out of it. Much needed motivation sometimes 🙂

It’s okay to not have your whole life together at any stage of your life, no matter what age you are. Just know that you are not alone in this fact and as our Sue always says – ‘Eventually all the dots will connect.’




  1. 22 October 2014 / 21:32

    Great piece Sam! I can very much relate! x

  2. Lana Lukjanova
    22 October 2014 / 20:34

    Thanks Sue.Its great.I have probs at the minute.And this post what I needed.xxxx

  3. Claire Clowd
    22 October 2014 / 19:24

    Love this post Sam x

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