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Divergent – The Fashion – Which ‘Faction’ are you?


With Divergent opening in cinemas tomorrow (reviewed here) we decided to delve into the fashion of the film. Fans of the franchise will already be aware of the plot.

The film takes place in Chicago, 100 years after a devastating war. The former Second City stays safe from whatever lies beyond it thanks to a huge wall. Inside the wall, survivors have formed a society divided into factions, each dedicated to a particular virtue and each with a specific role in the society. 

And of course each ‘faction’ has its own unique look.


Dauntless is the edgy, dark almost punk look. They are the brave group – the guardians of the fence so they must exude confidence. Think leathers, biker boots, spiked jewellery. Tattoos and dark eye-makeup for a brave front. Verging on bondage-style this look is definitely more for the saucy rock-chick.

db5cd8698395960f04457f496c8ae97f Amity The amity group are fresh and Summery. Definitely boho-chic. Flowered head-bands, Sun-dresses, kimonos all make for a hippy-esque look. Amity only wear bright Summer colours of red and yellow to portray their sense of happiness and peacefulness. f92e3dd5e4f957c556b186b65ced9e0f Abnegation Abnegation are the sensible almost plain group. They must not attract attention to themselves. Grey is their only colour and no accessories are allowed. Seems like a pretty dull world to us. 🙁 055b3ba7a78a50751701229b81461691 Erudite Erudites mean business and intelligence. A preppy, smart style therefore is the only way to go. Blazers, collared shirts and sensible shoes, but always at least one item of blue clothing. Blue is a calming shade and a calm shade means a calm mind. tumblr_mrfmxyQOmS1sfnf8vo1_500Candor Candor are honest, wear their heart on their sleeve. Everything must be true and out there. Candors can dare to bare. Backless dresses, Monochrome colouring, Revealing but classy. Candor comes from the word ‘candid’ which means to shine, be white.


So which faction most suits your style? divergentfactions (imagesources:pinterest,divergentfans,fashionofthefandom)


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