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Ed Sheeran Apologises To Miley Ahead Of X-Factor Performance


Ed Sheeran has publicly apologised to Miley Cyrus over comments he made about the singer earlier this year. The brit superstar is set to appear on sunday night’s X-Factor for the first time, and has now come out and said he acted like a “c**k” towards Miley!

Earlier this year, in an interview with E! News, Ed compared Miley to a stripper for her antics on stage, as well as saying she should stop encouraging little kids to twerk and should stick to just singing. However, in an interview with The Sun, he now has said his comments were harsh and that he went a bit overboard in his criticism of Miley.


“I do feel bad about it as I’d be f**king livid if someone said that about me. I was a bit of a c**k. My general point was I wanted her to sing the songs so people could see what an amazing artist she is. I just worded it wrong.”

In the same interview he also defended Taylor Swift, insisting she’s right about sexism in the music industry and people wouldn’t criticise men for singing about ex-partners in the same way that she gets criticised.

“She’s right man, she gets a tougher rap than other people. No one talks about Bruno Mars or my lyrics like that.”


(Images and source – Huffpost)



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