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Fashion Insider: 5 Tips to Keep Your Clothes in Top Condition

jeans-in-the-freezerDuring the week, we came across some great insider tips from those in the know, for keeping your clothes and beauty products in tip top condition. Most are very odd, but are proven to work and strangely a lot involve the fridge/freezer! Keep an open mind….

Keep Your Jeans in the Freezer

Apparently, we should avoid washing our jeans as much as possible to stop them from loosing their shape. Instead, to freshen them up pop them in a zip lock bag with a scented dryer sheet and leave them in the freezer overnight. They will be nice and fresh once they thaw, but will still fit perfectly! The same goes for leather trousers (if you turn them inside out) apparently and freezing your fur will also stop it from shedding. Who knew?!

Moisturise Your Leather

That’s right ladies! Moisturiser isn’t just for your face! An inside tip from a luxury handbag line is to rub a little moisturiser onto any scratch that shows up on your leather handbag. For best results, use a tiny amount and a cotton bud.

Store Your Perfume in the Fridge

Top perfumers recommend keeping your scents in your fridge to keep them fresh. Just don’t mistake your eau de toilette for the salad dressing!


Tumble Dry Leather Leggings

Some fashionistas swear by the leather in the freezer trick, while others recommend a tumble drier to reduce stretching. If you want to try it, turn your leggings inside out and tumble dry on a very low heat. They’ll be as good as new apparently!

Iron Your Dress in the Shower

Another insider tip if you’re in a hurry is to hang a dress that’s in need of ironing outside the shower while you jump in! The steam from the hot water should help those creases fall right out. Voilà!

(images and source: elle.com, rawrdenim.com, carolfromdownunder.blogspot.com)


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  1. Lana Lukjanova
    2 April 2014 / 16:10

    Wow that’s interesting… Jeans in freezer:)))))

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