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Flashback Friday: The Cast of 7th Heaven!


Remember the Camdens?

The sickeningly sweet family that used to grace our TV screens each week? And whose dog was even called Happy?

Well they have all gone in very directions since the show ended in 2007 after 11 years on air.

Here they are today!

Reverend Eric Camden (Stephen Collins)

seventh heaven

Actor Stephen Collins played the Reverend Eric Camden.

After the show ended he continued to work in TV, however last year he found himself in the midst of a storm of controversy after allegations emerged that he was “sexually inappropriate with underage girls”.

The allegations came about as a result of a conversation between Collins and his wife during a therapy session back in 2012. Collins’ wife admitted she recorded the session but denied leaking it to the press.

Annie Camden (Catherine Hicks)

Catherine Hicks

Catherine Hicks will always be best known for playing the role of the Camden family matriarch, Annie.

Hicks, who is married with one daughter, Catie, continues to act and has appeared in a number of films and TV shows.

Mary Camden (Jessica Biel)

Jessica Biel

Played by Jessica Biel, Mary Camden was the basketball-loving older sister of the Camden clan.

In real life however, Biel was apparently growing tired of her sweeter-than-sweet character, and, in a bid to distance herself from that image, decided to pose topless for Gear Magazine. The producers of 7th Heaven consequently saw red as they felt her move contradicted the image of the show and as a result, they showed Biel the door by later writing her out of the show.

Biel has since appeared in a number of high profile productions and is married to Justin Timberlake.

Matt Camden (Barry Watson)

barry watson

Is it just us or does Barry Watson look like a completely different person these days compared to when he played Matt Camden?

Since the show ended, Watson has appeared in a number of high profile shows including Gossip Girl. The now-41-year-old was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease back in 2002, and while undergoing chemotherapy he stopped working as an actor and became involved as a writer for 7th Heaven. He succesfully battled the disease and continued on with his character Matt until the show ended.

Watson has been married 3 times, most recently this year, and has 3 children, Oliver, Clover Clementyne and Felix.

Lucy Camden (Beverley Mitchell)

seventh heaven

34 year-old Beverley Mitchell has enjoyed a number of small roles since her time as Lucy in 7th Heaven, however her main focus was a career in country music.

She released a successful country music album for which she also co-wrote a number of songs. In 2005, 2 years before 7th Heaven ended, Beverley also played a character in the horror Saw 2, albeit reluctantly as she is reportedly not a fan of the horror genre.

In 2002, Beverley married accountant Michael Cameron in Italy and together they have 2 children, daughter Kenzie Lynne and son Hutton.

Simon Camden (David Gallagher)

David Gallagher

After leaving 7th Heaven, the now-30-year-old Gallagher, who played blonde cutie Simon on the show, went on to appear in CSI as a suspected killer! He has also appeared in shows such as Criminal Minds, Without A Trace, and Smallville.

Today Gallagher, who is actually half-Irish, continues to act, although he has largely steered clear of the limelight.

Ruthie Camden (McKenzie Rosman)

McKenzie Rosman

Remember little Ruthie Camden? The youngest member of the Camden clan?

Well the 25-year-old decided to follow in Jessica Biel’s footsteps last year by posing for a men’s magazine, presumably in a bid to shed the miss goody two shoes image the show has given her.

Rosman continues to act and has starred in a number of productions, mainly of the horror genre.

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