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Where Are Those Friends Characters Now?


Back in the ’90’s a little show called Friends pretty much took over our televisions and we still watch the re runs despite it being ten years since the final show last aired! There’s a fact to make you feel old!

And while most of the main characters have stayed firmly in the public eye, particularly Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow, we often wonder what happened to all those supporting characters, like the boyfriends and girlfriends of those Friends we loved so much.

See if you can remember these guys!



Tag was Rachel’s cute young assistant that she had a fling with in the run up to her 30th birthday.

Actor Eddie Cahill still works in TV and film. He played Detective Don Flack on CSI: NY and won critical acclaim for a role in film, Miracle. You can catch him on the upcoming season of the summer hit Under the Dome.



Joshua, actor Tate Donovan, was Rachel’s client in Bloomingdale’s and eventual boyfriend. It was rumoured that Jennifer and himself were an item in real life.

Tate went on to land roles in Argo, The OC, Damages and  24: Live Another Day. He also directs and has worked behind the camera on hit TV show, Glee.



Gunther, actor James Michael Tyler, who harboured a serious crush on Rachel, was a constant fixture throughout all the Friends series’, as the manager of Central Perk.

Post Friends, James has featured on TV shows like iCarly and Scrubs, and has turned his hand to charity work for special needs and AIDS.



Ross’ ex wife, Carol, was the mother of his son, Ben, and eventually left him when she realised she was a lesbian.

Actress, Jane Sibbett, has pretty much given up the acting game and now works on her documentary production company called Wild Aloha Studios.

Frank Jr.


Phoebe’s brother, Frank Jr., actor Giovanni Ribisi, was a strong feature while Phoebe was carrying his triplets.

He has gone on to appear in very successful TV sitcoms and films such as My Name Is Earl, Lost in Translation, Ted and Cold Mountain.



Chloe, actress Angela Featherstone, was the woman at the centre of the ‘we were on a break’ fiasco between Rachel and Ross.

Angela played Adam Sandler’s fiancée, Linda, who left him in The Wedding Singer, and also had a role as Jame on HBO’s sitcom, Girls. She also works as a writer and photography curator.



Janice, played by actress Maggie Wheeler, was Chandler’s on again, off again girlfriend, who was hard to forget due to her nasally voice and catch phrase, Oh. My. God.

Since Friends finished, Maggie has appeared in popular sitcoms such as How I Met Your Mother and Curb Your Enthusiasm.



PicMonkey Collage

Susan, played by actress Jessica Hecht, was Ross’ ex wife’s partner.

Jessica has gone on to work on Broadway and most notably she appeared as Gretchen, the former lover turned nemesis of Breaking Bad’s, Walter White.

Who was your favourite supporting character?

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