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Jennifer Hudson Drops Massive SATC 3 Hint!!


The Sex and the City sequel rumours just never seem to go away. Despite being 10 years since the tv show ended and 4 years since the last movie, the possibility of another sequel continues, with fans even willing to forgive the mess that was the last film.

Well, you can all blame Jennifer hudson for adding fuel to the fire this week, as she just dropped a massive hint that things may be quietly moving forward for Sex and the City 3. Hudson had a part in the first movie as Louis from St Louis, Carrie’s quirky assistant. Jennifer has let slip that she has been approached to reprise her role!

'Sex and the City' Film Premiere, New York, America - 27 May 2008

During an interview, she was asked if she would ever consider playing the part again and had this to say;

“Somebody just came to me talking about that. So if it’s in talks, it might happen. Look for Louis from St. Louis!”

Now it’s still very early to get your hopes up, but reading into this, one would imagine if she’s being asked to play the part again it would suggest there’s a script in place, and if there’s a script in place, it could mean that things are moving steadily along behind the scenes. What we really wanna know is, would you like to see Carrie and the girls for one more outing??


(Images and source – The Dish, Huffpost)


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