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Jennifer Lawrence…Pop Star??!


Is there anything this girl can’t do?? Aaaaanything??! Not content with total domination in Hollywood, blending blockbuster success with awards-winning indie movies, possibly dating Liam Hemsworth and having the entire world wanting to be your BFF, Jennifer Lawrence can now add “pop star” to her list of accomplishments!

As part of her performance in the latest installment of The Hunger Games franchise, Jen sings a song called The Hanging Tree, and because it’s featured on the soundtrack, it was eligible for digital download.

jennifer hanging tree


Written and by composer James Newton and rock group The Lumineers, the track only went and debuted at No.29 in the charts, meaning that in the same week as her movie scored the biggest opening of the year, Jennifer Lawrence is now a bona fide pop success! Now if she could get round to designing her own fashion range, our jealousy would be complete!!

jennifer hanging tree horrified

(Images and source – RadioTimes, Time, Hollywood reporter)


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