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Is Johnny Depp Engaged??!


According to the wisdom of the internet over the last few days, Depp and girlfriend Amber Heard got engaged over the Christmas. The news was treated with a degree of scepticism here at SoSueMe HQ, but nevertheless the rumours and murmurings continued to grow.

Now it seems some of the more trustworthy media outlets in America are jumping on the bandwagon and this is one story that may surprisingly turn out to be true! E! Online reported spotting Amber Heard trying to leave a restaurant while concealing what looked to be a big sparkly diamond on a certain finger, while Us Weekly quote friends of the couple saying that the nuptial news is indeed true.



Heard and Depp met in 2011 and shortly thereafter Depp announced he was splitting from partner of 14 years Vanessa Paradis. There are 23 years between the couple, Depp having hit the milestone 50 years of age, but they appear quite content and happy together and are frequently spotted jetting all over the globe.

The rumoured engagement took place Christmas Eve and Amber has held off wearing the ring for awhile, but it seems temptation to show off the jewellery is getting the better of her lately. Will this turn out to be a load of nonsense or is there fire where there’s smoke on this one? Time will tell, but for now the smart money says expect an announcement of another celebrity wedding in the not so distant future!


(Images courtesy Huffpost, E! News, Collider, IMDb)


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