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Kendall Jenner Has A Very Surprising (& Famous) Hater!!

Kendall Jenner showing off her long slim legs at a meeting with the E! Channel

With all of the fame that Kendall Jenner has found of late it’s no surprise there would be one or two who could grow jealous of the modelling sensation. In an article published in OK Magazine though, it seems that one of her haters could be a lot closer to home than you would imagine!!

The piece claims that none other than Kim Kardashian has become jealous of the attention Kendall is getting and that Kim fears Kendall could steal her spotlight from her! Not only that, but it claims that the pair have begun fighting because of the growing tension between them!

“Kim is particularly jealous of Kendall and has it in her head that she’s taking a ton of business away from her, so the knives are really out. they’ve had a lot of tensions recently but the money-spinning Estee Lauder deal really pushed Kim’s buttons and she’s jealous as hell.”


Kendall however isn’t taking things lying down though, and has hit back at Kim over her “over-sexed antics”, after saying that Kim’s recent break the internet pics were cheap and nasty!!

“It’s very ugly between these two right now and Kendall’s alienating most of the family with her self-entitled Queen Bee attitude.”

Whatever way this plays out, the family may soon have to start taking sides in the argument, which at the very least should make for some good tv in future episodes of KUWTK!!


(Images and source – OK Magazine, Tumblr, Twitter)


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