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Kim Kardashian – The Forgotten Days


Once upon a time, before she became one half of ‘Kimye’ and mammy to North, before she was the world famous reality star/stylish business woman she is today – Kim Kardashian was, well, a nobody. Some might argue she was less than that – She was Paris Hilton’s assistant!!

That’s right, circa ‘The Simple Life’ era, it was indeed a ‘simple life’ for our Kimmy who was but a lowly celeb stylist and assistant to the original reality Queen – Paris Hilton. Organising wardrobes and answering calls and mails was her original call of duty. We can’t help but gasp (and giggle) at these forgotten snaps of a fresh faced Kim tending to Paris’ needs before she herself was catapulted into the spotlight by a sex tape scandal just like P.

But it’s Kim who’s having the last laugh now. long gone are her serving days. Trust Advisor puts the Kardashian collective net worth at around $80 million dollars, half of which is Kim’s. Fashion stores, Clothing lines, Magazine covers as well as her families many tv shows and spin-off’s, Kim has certainly eclipsed her former employer who has now vanished into celeb obscurity.

All is not forgotten though as Paris recently instagrammed a snap of the pair catching up on a night out recently.

In the meantime, check out some of the forgotten snaps of a day in the life of ‘Assistant Kardashian’ …


 Social media as we know it now began with blackberries and myspace, no doubt Kim was kept on her toes with Paris emails, events and appearances. 


 Foot rub from Kim, anyone?


Oh my god!


Vogue covers were just a distant dream.


Things weren’t all bad, they got in a little down time too, big sister Kourtney even joined in.


All has been forgiven though as the pair shared some memories at a Ibiza nightclub recently




  1. Carmen Hanrahan
    11 August 2014 / 23:08

    ”Simple Life”

  2. Carmen Hanrahan
    11 August 2014 / 23:06

    P.Hill’z old show! This is new’s to me aswell. This is so funny!! Awesome Blog xo

  3. Nadia Farrelly
    10 August 2014 / 19:42

    What show is that quote from??

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