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You Know You’ve Watched ‘Mean Girls’ Too Much When …

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Mean Girls has become one of those cult films for us girls. The rise (and subsequent fall) of Lindsay Lohan, The Fashion, but most of all the ‘Quotability’ has all helped seal this chick-flick as one of the top films of the past decade for most of us ladies.

It’s one of those movies that when it’s on TV you simply MUST watch it again for the umpteenth time, It’s something you can just throw on whilst having a lazy Sunday or a movie night in with the girls. Its timeless, Its awesome.

But when is it to much? When is it time to tell yourself you’ve finally *gasp* … watched Mean Girls too much … ?

Here are our top tell-tale signs …


– On Wednesdays you actually do wear pink.

– You’ve definitely called your friend a ‘baby prostitute’ for wearing too much perfume.

– You assume anyone with volumised hair is carrying lots of secrets


– A fight is brewing among your friends? No problem, you can calm them down with this gem ‘I wish that i could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles and we’d all eat it and be happy’

– Army pants and flip-flops are your go-to styles for Summer

– When it’s raining you check your breasts to see if they can ‘sense it’


– ‘ Fetch’ and ‘Grool’ have made their way into your daily vocabulary

‘You go Glen Coco’ is a perfectly acceptable way to congratulate someone on a minor achievement

– When someone you don’t know walks by you shout ‘She doesn’t even go here’!!

– On Halloween, you’ve thrown on some lingerie and a set of animal ears because that is an acceptable costume right?


– Admit it, you’ve checked out your local health store for those ‘Kalteen bars’ juuust in case

– You’ve forgotten how to spell ‘orange’

– You second guess whether you can wear those hoop earrings or not


– Your friends betray you by having a night out without you, so you unleash an almighty ‘Janis’ rant on them

– You think your friend is obsessed with you because she tried calling you … once …


– You’ve campaigned at your school/college for a ‘Mathletes Team’

– You’re afraid to have sex lest you get pregnant and die … or get chlamydia

– You’ve contemplated buying a ‘Burn book’ then remembered you’re nearly 30

– You’ve set up three-way calls on your landline


-You’ve memorised the entire ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ performance and you treat your friends to a re-enactment every Christmas

– Calling your friends ‘losers’ is a term of endearment

– You can no longer hold a regular conversation with people without quoting Mean Girls in some way


Girls, if you can agree to 4 or more of the above statements, we suggest ejecting the dvd, and maybe storing it away somewhere safe for a year or so before you lose all your friends …. Oh Heck, Quoting ‘Mean Girls is never going to get old, is it?



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