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Laura Whitmore Opens Up On ‘Irishman Abroad’ Podcast


The interviewer became the ‘interviewee’ when one of our favourite Irish exports Laura Whitmore opened up for a candid interview on the ‘Irishman Abroad’ podcast with Jarlath Regan.

The podcast checks in with fellow ‘Irishmen’ who have departed our fair isle for a life elsewhere. Laura chatted about her early days presenting for MTV (of which she won a nationwide competition search for a new presenter), her ‘nerdy’ school days and of course some celeb-dishing.

When asked about that fateful competition entry Laura said she ‘just went for it, My Mam always said ‘If you’re not in you can’t win … You can’t complain about not winning the lotto if you don’t buy a lotto ticket … You can’t complain about not getting the job if you don’t apply’.

Inspiring words from Whitmore who of course went on to win the competition, beating out 3000 other entries with her Irish charm.


With her ever-growing fame and success, even a humble Irish gal can’t escape the wrath of ‘celebrity gossip & rumours’. Putting those Niall Horan rumours to bed she stated her annoyance …

”I was dating someone else then it got quite annoying for me personally … Because he’s in a really famous band, everyone kept saying it, then I think I just clearly said, ‘he’s my brother from another mother.’ … There are other guys I hang out with more,” added the 28-year-old. “It just got really frustrating that because he was Irish and in a band and I was Irish and on the telly, we just kept getting put together.”


While she remains coy about her own personal love life, (she finds it ‘a bit cringe’ to talk about), She admits that a fashion line is in her future, but not just yet.

”I could have done a one if I had wanted to but I haven’t yet,” she said. “I don’t want to put my name to something that I can’t 100% commit to, and if I do do something it’s completely mine.”

This possible move will delight her throng of fashion followers on Instagram where Laura posts outfits pics almost daily.

To hear the full interview, Visit the ‘Irishman Abroad’ podcast here 



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