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Liam Neeson Calls Water Charges “An Insult To The Irish People”


Liam Neeson, one of our most successful and beloved actors, has declared that he will not be returning home to Ireland because of water charges which he describes as a “f**king insult” to the Irish people.

Neeson, who originally hails from Antrim, has spent the last 20 years as a native of New York, and has now said that he is reconsidering plans to return home to Ireland because of the way the government is treating Irish people.

“We’ve been f**cked from a great height by these bankers and it’s the final straw. To tax people for their water. Just Wrong. I’ve always thought about coming home, especially with my empty nest but this is just insulting. It turns me completely off.”


Liam’s two sons, Daniel and Michael have both left home and started university, and after his wife tragically passed away in 2009, he was beginning to think about a return to his native country. In an interview with The Sun however, he outlines how the forced austerity here has changed his mind.

“I just think ‘Come on, don’t f**cking insult the Irish people anymore.’ It’s terrible. I really hope the Government is doing something about it now and listening to the people and finding a solution. they f**king better listen to the opposition.”

Liam Neeson returns to our screens on January 8th in his massively successful Taken franchise, for his third outing as badass Brian Mills. If I were Enda Kenny, he’s one man I wouldn’t like to cross!!


(Images and source – The Sun, Independent, Tumblr)


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