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Want To Vlog? Here Are My Top Tips!

Suzanne jackson

Hi guys!

As you might remember from my Facebook post, Rimmel is currently searching for new faces in beauty vlogging and are holding a fab competition, the winner of which will get to travel to London to meet brand ambassador, Rita Ora.

(You can find full competition details can be found here)

To enter ‘The London Look International Contest With Rita Ora’, you can upload a video or a picture, so to help you with your entry, I have put together a post featuring my top 5 vlogging tips!

Before I go any further, I just want to point out that I’m not claiming to be an expert on the subject. I have vlogged a bit in the past, so I’m just sharing my tips from my experience to date. When I do get the time to vlog, I absolutely love it! Normally I vlog when on trips away because I like to give an insight into the place I’m visiting. I find vlogging is a really good way to interact with readers, because it shows your personality, so I’m hoping to vlog way more this year.

So, if you’re thinking of submitting a vlog to ‘The London Look International Contest With Rita Ora’, then here are some tips to keep in mind.rita ora

  1. Invest In Quality Equipment 

In my opinion, it really pays to have good equipment, good lighting and a good camera for filming. Think about the times you have watched a YouTube video. If the camera is shaky and the sound and lighting is of poor quality, you’re not going to stay watching. Professional equipment create professional results and will make your video more appealing to viewers. Don’t panic if you don’t have access to equipment. A good camera phone or webcam is a great way to get started!

If vlogging outdoors, make sure you’re filming in a space that is brightly lit.

If you are filming a beauty or makeup tutorial, lighting is SO important because you want you’re the viewers to see the exact colour pay off, and the type of results they can expect.

On that note, don’t forget to be as informative as possible and to let your viewers know exactly what products and shades you are using so that they can try the look for themselves.


My Rimmel Beauty Vlog

  1. Be As Natural As Possible

Let the viewers see your personality. You’re not presenting the news, so don’t be stiff and serious. Smile!

I love watching vlogs where people are being themselves, and where nothing about it appears forced or false.

Also bear in mind that people like to know the good and the bad so don’t feel as though you have to sugar coat everything.

When I was vlogging in Dallas I spoke about how I sometimes found it hard to stay motivated but that being around inspiring bloggers in Dallas was a huge motivation boost. Let people in on the good and the bad.


My trip to Dallas!

  1. Hone Your Editing Skills.

Everything I know about editing, I learned from watching tutorials on YouTube.

Invest time in learning good editing skills so that you can create professional looking videos. There are plenty of courses and books out there too so find what works for you.

Don’t overlook the importance of editing. If it’s not edited right, it won’t maintain the attention of the viewers.vlogging

  1. Get The Timing Right

Keep your videos as short as possible. This is something I struggle with myself! My videos are usually around 10 minutes long but I’m going to try to reduce them to 7 minutes because this is the general time frame recommended by the professionals.

  1. Keep Going

Don’t get bogged down if you feel as though your videos aren’t as good as those of other vloggers. Those vloggers may have taken a course, or even hired a professional someone to do the video work, so don’t compare.

Keep going and you’ll eventually find your style and what your viewers want. The more you vlog, the more you learn about the basics such as the different filming angles. Nothing is better than actual experience so if you want to be a good vlogger, then get out there and vlog.

Make plenty of mistakes! That’s how you learn.

Don’t feel embarrassed speaking to your camera in public either. You might feel self-conscious at first but the more frequently you practice, the less nervous you will feel.

Best of luck!



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