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Orlando Bloom & Justin Bieber – Bust Up In Ibiza!!


Here’s something you don’t hear every day; the internet is in awe of Orlando Bloom today after the actor allegedly tried to punch the guy everyone loves to hate these days; Justin Bieber!

Gossip site TMZ says the actor threw a punch at the Canadian pop star at a popular Ibiza club last night and claims two eyewitnesses watched the entire event go down. What may you ask would prompt Orlando to go full Tyson on Bieber?? Supermodel and soon-to-be-ex wife of Bloom,  Miranda Kerr.


Bloom has been uneasy with how flirty Bieber is supposed to be around Kerr, ever since the pair hung out at a Victoria Secret show in 2012. Not only that, but in the last few months, Bloom has been seen hanging with Selena Gomez, Bieb’s on-again-off-again girlfriend. Guess it was inevitable the two would come to blows at some point with this sort of carry on!!

After the row last night, Bieber attempted to get the final word by posting a picture of Kerr in an orange bikini to his Instagram account, but deleted it shortly after.


Perhaps the best part of the whole incident last night though?  TMZ claims that the singer immediately departed the club following last night’s alleged confrontation – prompting the other club patrons to break into applause. Guess we know whose side the crowd was on at that fight!!

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(Images and source – TMZ, Just Jared, Hollywood Life, IrishExaminer)


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