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Rare Kanye West Shoes Fetch Record Breaking Price!!

Everything Kanye touches lately seems to turn to gold! Besides the frightening amount of cash he’s made from his music and from his partnership with Kim Kardashian, now he’s set to make waves over a pair of shoes!! A pair of Kanye West’s Red October trainers are currently going on Ebay for £10 million. Yup, you read that right.
The red version of his delayed Air Yeezy 2 shoes were surprise released on Sunday after Nike announced the news on Twitter. According to reports, the shoes sold out within 11 minutes and pairs are now available on Ebay for a helluva lot more than the £220 actual price.
Kanye West’s relationship with Nike has been complicated, with the rapper announcing a new deal with Adidas after criticising the brand for not pushing to make more.
“I can make music, I can do it, but I shouldn’t be limited to one place of creativity…You guys don’t understand that I did the Yeezys and they eBayed for $90,000 but I didn’t get a call from Nike the next day,” 
He subsequently claimed his deal with Adidas would make him “bigger than Walmart” Whatever deal he has in place, even Kanye must be shocked to learn how much the bidding has gone up to for the shoes, though it remains to be seen, with some time left on the sale, whether or not this is a case of extreme trolling or if there really is someone that crazy enough of a fan out there. (Hands up who thinks he might be bidding himself!!)
(Images and Source – NME)

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