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Christmas Tip: Ensure That You Insure Your New Gadgets!

blog postIs there anything worse than splashing out on a new phone, laptop, or iPad and then accidentally letting it fall, or damaging it in some way? It’s a horrible feeling! Been there, done that 100 times over.

As soon as I purchased my iPhone 6+ (even with a gold upgrade it cost me a whopping €700), I immediately looked into getting it insured. I rely on my phone so much, and like any busy working woman, I keep everything on it, so to be without it for any length of time would be such a huge inconvenience for me.

We all have enough expenses and bills coming in, so when I was looking for insurance, I was keen to get the best deal possible. This is how I found Gadget Insurance.

The coverage they offer is brilliant, and best of all, they are so cheap so it’s well worth insuring all your pricey gadgets, such as your smart phone, laptop, camera, tablet, iPad, Kindle, etc.


You can purchase cover with Gadget Insurance from as little as €1.49 per month! That is the cheapest around and trust me, I have done my research!!

As you can see from my previous post on the contents of my handbag, I carry a couple of pretty expensive gadgets around, and as you can imagine, if anything happened to them, it would be a massive headache for me!

Having insurance however, particularly on my iPhone 6+, has given me great peace of mind. Now, should anything happen to my phone, be it damage, theft, etc, I know I won’t have to endure any panic! All I will have to do is contact Gadget and they will take care of the rest! One less thing to stress about.

So guys, if any of you are buying (or expecting to receive) any kind of gadget this Christmas, whether it be an iPhone, iPad, tablet, kindle, etc, then you should ABSOLUTELY consider looking into getting insurance cover as well. It’s worth the peace of mind you get!

Happy Shopping!

Sue x





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  1. Gemma
    3 December 2014 / 17:26

    OMFG, I thought this was a blog not an advertisement site. Please stop with all the paid promotions Sue and go back to some good old fashioned honest reviews!

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