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So Who’s That Guy?


The ad for the Paco Rabane Invictus fragrance has been on television quite a lot lately, and the 6ft 1 shirtless hunk who stars in it has been receiving quite the reaction!

So who is he?

He is 32 year-old Australian rugby star Nick Youngquest!

Youngquest, who played in the National Rugby League, decided to give up his career as a professional athlete to become a full-time model after Paco Rabanne hired him to be the face of their Invictus fragrance. The brand had apparently been searching for the right ‘face’ for 3 years before they found Youngquest at a round of auditions in Paris!


He has since gone on to star in campaigns for Abercrombie & Fitch as well as walking the runway for a number of high-end brands, though his main job is travelling the world promoting the Paco Rabanne Invictus fragrance!     

As well as being a massively successful model, he is also a qualified yoga teacher (as you can see from his Instagram) and not surprisingly he is a regular at the gym!

Together with his trainer, he posts weekly workouts on his Twitter for those who want to follow his routine.  download (6)

Youngquest currently lives in New York, and much to the heartbreak of his female fan base, he’s not available! Youngquest is married to Mira Jones.

He was previously wed to professional dancer Kassy Lee.

Here is the ad that made him famous!




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