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Solange Deletes Beyonce Pics From Instagram!!


We’ve all seen it by now I’m sure. THAT video from the Met Ball. While the reasons behind whats happening are unclear, it is very apparent that Solange Knowles is VERY peeved with Jay Z. Now, in the aftermath of the video going viral, Solange has had a little dig at her sis on social media.


In the latest twist in the tale, Solange has reportedly deleted all pics of Beyonce from her Instagram account, and rather oddly tweeted on Sunday ‘This might have been top 10 days ever in life.’ Add to that the fact that it’s emerged that Beyonce and Solange went to Costa Rica together in the aftermath of the row for Kelly Rowland’s wedding and the whole fiasco seems very bizarre to say the least.


Jay Z and Beyonce have stayed silent about the incident and looked like nothing at all was wrong as they took in a basketball game yesterday.

Solange went on the rampage last week at the Met Gala and as well as attacking Jay Z, as seen on the shocking video, she is also rumoured to have fought with Kim Kardashian’s friend Rachel Roy that same evening.


(Images and source – TMZ, DailyMail)


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