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SoSueMeBook Number 2: The Nerves, The Content & The Cover REVEAL !

cover reveal

 What Happened Next……

The Lifestyle, The Business & The Secrets

By Suzanne Jackson

Today is THE day I collect the first copy of my second book……! (eeek)

I honestly didn’t think I would be as nervous as the last time…. but I am!

When people ask me what my best achievement is to date, I always say my book, SoSueMe Secrets To Blogging, Fashion & Beauty.

Last year, October 24th I launched my very fist book and surprisingly, well for me anyway, it remained on the bestsellers list for six weeks in a row. It was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced! A feeling of fulfillment and happiness. A year later, I still can’t quite explain just how wonderful it was.

Christmas morning was insane. Every few minutes, I would log onto my twitter, and find 60+ tweets from you guys, the followers, all tweeting me pictures and lovely comments about receiving my book as a gift. I was so overwhelmed and humbled. It was incredible and a very special time for me.

You arrived in droves to my book signings and I absolutely LOVED meeting you all, so much so that I was inspired to create a SoSueMe Workshop on tour, so that I could meet more of you and spend a day talking about all the things we love…. fashion, beauty, makeup and much more.

As much as my book last year covered all those things us girls (and some guys) love – the feedback for the most part was from people telling me how much I inspired them and how the book was so much more than the materialistic things in life. You got a feel good factor from it, you felt more confident after reading it, you got a fire in your belly to change your situation. You related to me and more importantly you grew to love yourself… something we all battle with. Self love.

large (8)

We as women beat ourselves up everyday. ”Why isn’t my hair long enough” … ”why can’t I have thinner legs” … ”I hate my big boobs” … ”I want a better job” … ”I hate my life” … ”I hate my skin” … and so on. We rip ourselves apart and dissect every single flaw we have, thus making ourselves feel worse. This is why I can never understand women who bully and hate on others so much, but that’s another topic for another day!

From what a lot of you told me over the last 18 months, whether it was in a face to face meeting, an email you sent, or a private message on Facebook/Twitter, I have helped you on the inside, and honestly, that really means more to me than ANYTHING.

If I can change one girls confidence through what I do, then I will go to my grave a happy woman when my time comes! To know that I have helped 1000’s of readers really is what keeps me blogging. This line of work is not as glamorous as it looks, and I sure do need you guys, as much as you need me and the blog. It’s a two way road, no doubt about it. I think one lady’s email to me last year really struck a cord with me, and I suppose it planted the seed for book 2 in my head. You can read the touching email here.bWhen my publisher mentioned a second book in January/February, I honestly didn’t think I had a one in me, but here I am heading to bed (won’t sleep a wink by the way) the night before I am to to collect the very first copy of my second book! (eeeek)

It just doesn’t feel real!!!

Last week, when I asked if any of you wanted to see the cover, I got a huge response!

Lots of you are dying for a sneak peak, sooooo … here it is!!!! 🙂 Big thanks to Evan Doherty for designing it…. I love it. I wanted a NYC pic for the front cover, but unfortunately when we had it on  the cover, it looked too busy – so I opted for this instead. I think it gives off a SATC feel. 🙂

Screenshot of Sues book (2)

Once again, I have poured my heart and soul into this book … and I really hope you guys like it.

There is brand new content and I talk about a lot of things that I didn’t cover in my first book, such as:

the lifestyle of a blogger, how to turn your hobby into a business, my life lessons for you, finding your feet, confidence, my fitness routine, my friendships, fashion, beauty, tutorials, my home, and of course, my NEW YORK FASHION WEEK diary exclusive.

Some months back, I asked you guys what topics you would like to see in my new book and pretty much everything you requested is in there!

This book may not be for everyone and I know that… but there is something in there for everyone, and that I know sure!

Never stop dreaming, and stamp down hard on all those insecurities. Power through and you’ll get there. <3

 Thanks for your never ending support!!! It really means a lot.

The book goes on Sale tomorrow and is available from Easons nationwide for €19.95 🙂

Sue xx



  1. deborah
    4 November 2014 / 11:47

    Can’t wait to read it sue, I loved your first book and I’m sure this will be just as good, wishing you every success with this new book, you deserve it Xx

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