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Stars Who Auditioned To Be In Clueless!


Clueless will always be one of our favourite films. Of. All. Time!

We can’t imagine anyone other than Alicia Silverstone playing the role of Cher Horwitz, and we definitely can’t imagine anyone other than Paul Rudd playing the role of her Baldwin brother, Josh!

However, had the casting directors made different choices with some of the roles, the line-up would have been very different today!

Here are the celebs who very nearly made it into our favourite film!

Sarah Michelle Gellar was offered the part of Cher!  

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Sarah Michelle Gellar, prior to Buffy fame, was offered the role of Cher but had to turn it down due to having already committed to the series All My Children.

Reese Witherspoon also auditioned!

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Clueless creator Amy Heckerling envisioned Cher being “blonde, pretty, and sweet” with a “Marilyn Monroe thing” about her.

Reese Witherspoon fit the ideal and auditioned for the part but didn’t secure the role.

How Alicia Silverstone Got The Role Of Cher


The Clueless casting director suggested Silverstone for the role of Cher after having seen her in the film The Crush, but Amy Hecklering was adamant that she wanted the “blonde girl from those Aerosmith videos!”

What they didn’t realise was that they were both talking about the same girl!

Apparently Silverstone never formally auditioned for the role. She met Heckerling met for lunch and impressed her enough to be offered the role.

Funnily enough, Silverstone originally wasn’t that interested in the part as she is said to have found the character of Cher annoying and materialistic. Luckily for us, she accepted the role in the end!

Lauryn Hill auditioned to be Dionne 

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Fugees front woman Lauryn Hill auditioned for the part of Cher’s best friend Dionne!

Having been fans of both the TV series and the film, we actually can’t imagine anyone other than Stacey Dash playing Dionne!

Owen Wilson auditioned for Travis

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Owen Wilson read for the part of Travis but was unsuccessful.

As much as we love Beckin Meyer in the role of Travis, we do think Owen Wilson would have fit the bill equally as well.

Seth Green also auditioned for Travis

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Family Guy’s Seth Green also auditioned for the role of Travis!

How he didn’t get some sort of role in that film, we’ll never know. He would have been hilarious!

Leah Remini auditioned for Tai 

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Leah Remini of Saved By The Bell fame auditioned for the role of Tai, which was eventually won by the late Brittany Murphy.

Zooey Deschanel went out for both Cher and Amber!

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A then up-and-coming actress called Zooey Deschanel auditioned for two parts in Clueless, Cher and Amber.

Nope, we just can’t picture her in either of those roles!

Jeremy Renner audtioned for Christian and Josh

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Before he was a fully fledged Avengers hearthrob, Renner auditioned for the roles of both Christian and Josh.

The roles eventually went to Justin Walker and Paul Rudd, respectively.

Paul Rudd originally wanted to play the role of Christian

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Prior to being cast as Josh, Paul Rudd originally had his sights set on playing the role of Christian, Cher’s super sauve crush.

He also asked if he could audition for the role of Dionne’s boyfriend Murray, which later went to Donald Faison.





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