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#ThrowbackThursday: 6 Songs We Taped Off The Radio During The 90’s!

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During the 90’s, there was a ton of songs we all taped off the radio, but for this week’s #ThrowbackThursday list, we have simply selected a random few for you to enjoy.

Some of these tunes will no doubt bring back memories from school disco’s, while others will bring back memories of VERY bad fashion mistakes! (Denim pedal pushers and tinted yellow heart-shaped sunglasses anyone?!)

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Spice Up Your Life – Spice Girls

We know we should be morto for admitting this, but we still LOVE both the Spice Up Your Life song and accompanying music video with all its gothic-glam costumes and makeup.

Remember when the Spice Girls were EVERYWHERE?

If their Impulse deodorant wasn’t being advertised on TV, it was their trailer for Spiceworld, or the ad for their new magazine or chocolate bar, etc.

You also couldn’t go outside without seeing either a pair of white platform runners, (although if you’re being honest here, you were probably wearing a pair yourself) or a grown woman with pigtails and a lollypop.

Actually on that note, did Emma Bunton have shares in Chuppa Chup Lollypops? She practically inhaled them for the entire time she was Baby Spice.


Turn Back Time – Aqua 

Aqua put us through musical traumas such as Barbie Girl and Dr Jones, before they finally gave us Turn Back Time. (Great song, though it still doesn’t make up for the fact that they poisoned our ears with their earlier works)

After Barbie Girl was released, Barbie doll makers actually Mattel filed a lawsuit against the group which was then dismissed by a judge in 2002, who famously ruled, “The parties are advised to chill”.

Back when they were hit-makers, lead singer Lene’s relationship with Rene (the bald one of the group) was widely publicised.

These days, she’s married … not to Rene however, but rather to Soren (the spikey bleach haired guy of the group). They have been married 14 years and have two kids together!     aquaRemember that massive bird tattoo Lene had on her arm?

In the 90’s, she was considered such a bad-ass for having a big tattoo and piercings, but it turns out it was a fake tattoo that she put on most mornings!

Today, all 4 Aqua members are still involved in music and regularly perform together.

For some reason, death rumours have followed this band for years but we can assure you they are very much alive.

C’est La Vie – B*Witched 

‘Some people say I look like me da’ 

There’s a generation of people who only have to hear this one line to be immediately transported right back to 1998, when we were all wearing denim pedal pushers and were busy trying not to starve our Tomagotchi pets. (God, those things were annoying to keep alive)

The song, C’est La Vie, was the biggest hit to come from B*Witched and whether you admit it or not, you liked it! (and probably still do!)

Here are the girls today:


The Boy Is Mine – Brandy & Monica 

When you think of 90’s music, songs like No Scrubs, and Baby One More Time, all spring to mind, but this number from Brandy & Monica will always and forever be a total 90’s classic!

They reunited again in 2012 with “It all belongs to me!” which also featured a guy at the centre of the drama. They really need to get over that bloke.

While Monica is still involved in music, Brandy – or Moesha, as she will always be known to us – has turned her hand to Broadway. She is currently performing in the production of Chicago. Earlier this year however, she hit the headlines when an embarrassing video emerged of her being ignored by commuters while she sang on the New York subway. (How could anyone ignore her voice, it’s pretty amazing)

Brandy’s brother Ray J has also kept the family in the news thanks to his constant remarks to the press about his famous  ex, Kim Kardashian.

Karma Hotel – Spooks 

Most of us taped this off Atlantic 252 … the Smash Hits Magazine of radio stations.

The band had a number of songs, but this was the only one that got a lot of air time on music channels. The band never really made a name for themselves but this song is still a 90’s favourite.

MmmBop – Hanson 

The Hanson brothers were the One Direction of the 90’s. Some girls had a full-on obsession with them, others, a passionate hatred. There was no in-between.

To be fair, MmmBop was pretty much played on repeat, and while it was catchy at first, it began to grate on the nerves a little … kind of like ‘Let It Go’ does after you have heard it for the millionth time in one day. While Hanson released a number of songs, none of ever equaled the success of their first hit.

These days, the flowing locks are gone along with those extremely baggy clothes that the brothers became known for. Instead, they have turned themselves into suit-wearing studs.


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