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It’s Time To Prep For Summer: Top 5 Tips


Isn’t there a grand aul stretch in the evenings now?

Summer, we can almost feel you around the corner – BUT, There’s some things we need to do to get prepped before you arrive.

Here are some tips you can get starting on now before Spring is out to have you ‘Summer-Ready’.


1) Scrub up them tootsies.

It’s been a long hard Winter and our feet usually feel the brunt of it. Cooped up in socks, heavy boots and shoes during the colder months means our feet could do with some loving. Take advantage of the fact that it’s still too cold to get the tootsies out just yet. Begin exfoliating your feet when you’re showering every few nights to scrub away any dead/hard skin. Moisturise and keep those toe-nails in check so by the time our ‘few hot days’ of Summer arrive you’ll be ready to whip out your sandals with perfectly pedicured feet.

2) Exfoliate your body

While you have the loofah out, start exfoliating your whole body. If you’re not a gal who normally exfoliates before wearing fake tan, now may be the time to start. Soon you will be baring those arms and backs of yours and you want to have smooth and soft skin on show. It means your tan will glide on easier plus it rids you of any dry skin.


3) Try a lighter shade

As the days get brighter and longer some of us yearn for lighter hair to match our sunnier moods. It’s always nice to go a shade lighter in your hair colour for the Summer time. How about some beachy highlights or a balayage? (still going strong this year)


4) Update your wardrobe

Even though the sky is (sometimes) brighter we aren’t naive, there is definitely still a cold chill in the air. But why should that stop us from dressing for Spring/Summer? There are some lovely feminine and floral prints around right now. Cast away your darker heavier clothing and update to lighter looser fashion. Try a floral dress with a leather biker jacket over it, it will keep you warm but still have you feeling the new season.

Check out some of our Spring wardrobe updates here

5) Start booking your Summer Festivals/Holidays

The lineups for the Summer festivals have been released. There’s nothing that gets you more excited for Summer than the thoughts of a festival – whether you’re a 3 day camper kinda gal, or a day at Marlay Park kinda gal. Have a scope around for the lineup that best suits you and your pals. The best part – Festival Fashion.

If you haven’t already booked your Summer holiday start collecting brochures or sourcing info online and try book a late Summer trip so you have more time to save. Flicking through holiday brochures will get you through the working week when you can dream of lying by a pool cocktail in hand.



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