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Top 10 Tips For Packing Your Suitcase!

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Packing your suitcase for a holiday can be stressful, so stressful that you need another holiday. What to bring? What NOT to bring? ‘Fess up those of you who need to start weeks in advance – packing ever so slightly here and there every evening, until you upturn the whole case the night before your flight and start all over again?!

We’re here to help. We’ve compiled some top tips for stress-free packing.

7PackingTips_blogheader1) To begin, ask yourself the obvious but sometimes not thought out questions – Where are you going and what will your holiday mainly consist of? Beach holiday? Adventure holiday? City break? Don’t make the error of packing unsuitable footwear and finding that strolling through a sight-seeing tour in 7 inch heels ‘because SJP does it on Sex & The City’ wasn’t such a smart idea after all. Or losing your flip flop as you are flying hundreds of feet in the air on a rollercoaster. These mistakes happen more often than you’d think. Really take in to account what kind of activities you are going to be taking part of and you’ve already started planning your wardrobe.

2) Count the number of days your holiday consists of and plan an outfit for each day and each part of the day. Lay out all your outfit options and build on each one. Literally dress yourself day by day. This way you can ensure you only bring the exact amount of items you need, including shoes and accessories.

3) Include basics. Always pack safe options – Whether that be your trusty denim shorts or a comfy pair of wedges that have never failed. Sometimes when we buy new outfits for our holidays they don’t always plan out how we’d like, e.g uncomfortable shoes or a dress that looked better on the hanger.

4) Versatility is key. If you are backpacking or are simply tight for space, then you’ll need options that have multifunctions. Less is more in these situations. For example – a wide scarf can double up as a sarong, headpiece, make-do blanket for the grass/sunglounger. A baggy loose shirt can be a cover up on the beach, tied around the waist on a city walk or used to keep those shoulders warm when coming home from a nightclub at 6am 😉


5) Roll, don’t fold! Studies have shown (well, blogger studies!) that rolling your clothing rather than folding is a space-save AND controls creasing. Hey, if it means more room for an extra outfit or two its worth a try eh?

6) Always leave space in your case. You always end up buying new things no matter where you go on holidays. If you leave the country with a ‘full to the brim’ case, how are you expected to go shopping while you’re over there? Plus, a packed case is a creased case.

7) Minimise everything. If you are only going away for a week do you really need that jumbo bottle of hairspray? There are compact versions of all toiletries these days. The smaller the bottle the easier you life will be. Never mind the fact that you won’t be able to carry half your bottles onto the plane itself anyway! (Don’t forget those zip-lock sandwich bags for your liquids!)


8) Sharing is caring. If you are going away with the girls, nominate each other to take certain items – One take the hair dryer, one take the straightener. That way you are spreading out the weight. (Although if there is more than 3-4 of you, you might want an extra hair dryer)

9) Pack extra bags. A clever idea is to bring extra plastic bags. You can keep clean and dirty laundry separate once you reach your destination. You can also keep any potential spillages away from your clothing by wrapping your lotions and bottles in the plastic while travelling. Don’t end up like Ross Gellar.


10) Travel safe. Use a lock on your case. Always label your luggage, even pop your details inside your case in case your tag comes away. Bring spare items in your carry-on or split with your travelling partner. That way if luggage goes missing you have essentials in another bag until you receive your case.



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  1. Orla
    2 July 2014 / 10:20

    Great post Sue! Never thought of some of these!!

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