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Victoria Beckham’s Candid Allure Interview


Victoria Beckham is the latest star to grace the cover of Allure Magazine and as well as photoshoot, she divulges more than a few beauty secrets and tips that have taken her to the top of her profession…

If you, like most self respecting fashionistas, are obsessed with VB’s flawless skin, always perfect hair and impressive repertoire of on-trend looks then you’re in for a treat! in her interview, Victoria reveals a whole host of her beauty secrets…including the fact that she never shaves her legs!!


However, before you get all worked up and grossed out, VB reveals that she has instead opted for laser treatment to keep her legs and body smooth and sheer. The move to laser treatment was recommended by one of her close pals, Eva Longoria, Victoria said;

“I don’t shave my legs. I got laser which is amazing. You can go back for little touch-ups if you do see little hairs appearing. But I’ve been very lucky that I haven’t had to. That was one of the best tips that Eva Longoria ever gave me.”

As for Mrs Beckham’s envious bod she shared that she runs 4 miles every morning to stay in shape, in between designing clothes and running around after 4 children!! (Though credit to David, he seems to be quite hands on with the kids!)


In the interview, Victoria also speaks briefly about being bullied as a kid in school but credits her Spice Girl days for helping her self confidence and injecting her with some girl power!!

“I had come such a long way. I didn’t go to a private school; it was a public school. It was not a very nice school. [I was bullied because I was] different from all the other children at the school. I really wouldn’t wish it on any kid, because it’s horrible. I think what gave me confidence in myself was meeting the other girls. We always said we were all like rejects in our own way. We had to work hard, and they helped me accept me for who I was.”

Is Victoria someone that younger girls can look up to as great role model?? Let us know your thoughts!


(Images and source – Allure, Grazia)



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