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Why Baby Saint West Will Be Kim & Kanye’s Last


Kim Kardashian West has been warned by doctors that she would be putting her life in danger if she were to get pregnant again, TMZ has reported.

Kim, who suffered with a condition called placenta accreta during her pregnancies with North and Saint, has been advised by doctors not to have any more children as it is almost a guarantee that she will develop that condition again if she were to fall pregnant for a third time.

Placenta accreta, which occurs when the blood vessels of the placenta grow too deeply into the uterine wall, is deemed a high-risk pregnancy complication and is quite a dangerous condition that can result in a lot of blood loss following delivery.

After giving birth to North in 2013, Kim was warned by doctors that if the placenta grew a little bit deeper the next time she fell pregnant, then doctors would have to remove her uterus. Fortunately, it didn’t reach that point during Saint’s delivery however it is believed that Kanye and Kim are going to heed the advice of their doctors and refrain from adding any more to their brood.


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