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Wonder Woman Movie Confirmed!!


One of the strongest female pop culture icons of the 20th century is finally getting her own movie…and there’ll be a talented woman behind the camera too! Warner Brothers have confirmed that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, who’ll we’ll briefly see on our screens in Batman v Superman; Dawn of Justice, is to get a standalone movie in 2017.

The company has also hired Michelle McLaren to direct the superhero epic, and it marks the first time in quite a while that a woman has had the opportunity to direct a mainstream comic book movie. Because the character has such a strong association with female empowerment, it was felt that it’s really only right that a woman should take charge of the film and the direction the character could be taken.


Wonder Woman has undergone some changes herself over the years, but the most popular iteration of the character sees her as an Amazonian warrior-princess, with powers that rival Superman including flight, super strength, speed and a lasso that makes people tell the truth. In the more recent storylines from DC however, her origin is more mythical, with the character now a demi-goddess, and the daughter of Zeus himself. Previously she has appeared on our screens in a tv series in the 80’s, played by Lynda Carter.


While it’s not clear which version of the character we’re likely to see on film, one thing that is certain is that fans have been crying out for this movie for years, and it’s almost guaranteed to be a huge box office draw!!

(Images and source – CNET, Tumblr, ComicBookResources)



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