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What I Wore: Covering My Latest x6 Outfits You Are All Asking About! :)


If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – then you would have noticed that lately I have been NON STOP… I don’t think I have ever been so busy in all of my life, but in saying that – I am very happy and delighted with all the the work coming my way. I love being busy and personally I think I work better under pressure, so I always book events back to back… you just get in the zone and nothing can get in your way – I love those months!!!

I did have a little knock back there last week when I discovered that my Christian Louboutin boots (that I had saved so hard for at Christmas) were ROBBED out of my checked in luggage on an Aerlingus flight from Heathrow to Dublin. I never usually check in a case when I am only away for one night, but unfortunately I had to due to the amount of liquids I had coming home.

A UK PR company got in touch with me while I was in London and sent me a shed load of amazing products to my hotel room the day I was leaving and so I had to check in my bag last minute!! I genuinely didn’t think anything would be robbed out of my case becuase it was such a quick and short flight….  but I was wrong – turns out there is some nasty, robbing disgusting human beings out there who will go through your case and steal your belongings…..so I have learnt a very VALUABLE lesson that I am about to pass on to you:  DO NOT TRUST ALL AIRLINE BAGGAGE HANDLERS and don’t check in anything valuable or precious in your luggage, it’s heartbreaking when something you love, bought and saved hard for is robbed.

I’m hoping to have my booties replaced with Travel Insurance, so fingers crossed…. and the karma for that person was they only robbed one boot! When you buy a pair of Louboutins – each shoe/boot comes in a red Louboutin dust bag – I had packed one under my coat and placed one over my coat in my case… so when this THEIF opened my case and saw a red Christina Loubutin dust bag sitting there, he/she robbed it thinking it was two shoes – a pair. So to that person, I say HA!!! There aint nothing you can do with one boot you mean, horrible thief – that’s KARMA for you. ASSHOLE!


Annnnyway… rant over… 🙂

Over the last two weeks I have been posting all of my outfit pics to my Facebook page and it’s great to see such a great reaction from you guys! I must have at least 1000 likes on every outfit, which is incredible – maybe I should start photographing my outfits more, what do you think? Let me know.

I am STILL getting questions about all of the outfits and so to answer your questions about where items are from – here are the full details on each outfit! I hope you enjoy!! 🙂


Outfit 1: 

I wore this outfit for a Public Appearance in Oasis, Galway

  • Top: The new Mollie Collection for Oasis
  • Blazer: Oasis
  • Cropped JEans (these are a GREAT fit): Oasis
  • Necklace: Oasis
  • Shoes: Louboutins

outfit 1

outfit 11

Outfit 2: 

When I was hosting the DIT Fashion Show  last Thursday night with the fabulous Brendan Courtney – I opted for a stylish and chic look.

  • Shirt: Bastian, Brown Thomas
  • Leather look Trousers: Zara
  • Belt: Hermés
  • Shoes: Penneys

vodafone dit fashion 38

outfit 3Outfit 3:

I attended another Oasis Event on Stephen’s Green last  in association with Bank Of Ireland and I decided on this head to to toe floral look! I am LOVING Oasis’s new stock at the moment – you have to check it out! I am also lusting over floral prints too.

  • Blazer: Oasis
  • Top: Oasis
  • Pants: Oasis
  • Shoes: Christian Louboutins

outfit 4


Outfit 4:

Two weeks ago, I was hosting the StyleFlash fashion weekend event for Blachardstown Shopping Centre. Of course I had to glam up and I opted for this stunning, neon detailing Ted Baker Dress. I fell head over heels in love with it 🙂

  • Dress: Ted Baker, BT2
  • Shoes: Christian Louboutins
  • Watch: Michael Kors


outfit 7Outfit 5:

This outfit went down an absolute treat and I’ve been told is selling like hot cakes in River Island! So many of you  tweeting and instagramming me pics of your new RI outfit, which I love to see!! This whole outfit is River Island and I am loving their summer stock right now!


outfit 2

Outfit 6:

I was invited over to London last week to meet the stunningly beautiful and incredibly talented Mollie King from ‘The Saturdays’, which you can read all about here! I absolutely LOVE her new collection for Oasis and it was a pleasure meeting her and the team! This was the last night I wore my Christian Louboutin booties 🙁 *tears up*

  • Jeans: Vero Moda
  • Top: Missguided
  • Belt: Moschino
  • Jacket: Missguided
  • Watch: Michael Kors
  • Boots: 🙁 Louboutins
  • Bag: Louis Vuitton

outfit 5

outfit 6


And…. that’s it guys! I hope you all liked my fashion choices and I hope you took some outfit inspiration from my style!!!

Roll on summer is what I say… love summer fashion!

Sue xx






  1. Ciara Daly
    14 April 2014 / 23:23

    Dont think Irish Doll is being very fair to be honest, not trying to start agro or anything but suzanne has worked her rear end off to get her louboutins and her LV bag etc. I have met her and i can honestly say she is so down to earth and is “normal”. we all love the finer things in life and its not like she is rubbing them into our faces, she is proud to say she owns these because she worked so hard to get these!! you are making it out that sue is telling us to buy these items, but she isn’t? she is a style icon and a model therefore we all look up to her and hope to achieve what she has at her age and hopefully own louboutins some day – i know i do, keep up the fantastic job sue and im sorry about your boots lol. xxx

  2. Jennifer O'Gorman
    10 April 2014 / 19:39

    I got the black cropped jeans today in Oasis and a fab lime green top, I think you’d have been proud!! Just need a little blazer now to top it off! Totally have Loubitons on my bucket list as well and you are absolutely dead right to treat yourself. We do love seeing your style, even the Loubies! Keep up the good work and hope to meet you again in Limerick at your workshop. My mam still talks about you when we met you in Easons and how down to earth you are!!!

  3. Amanda
    10 April 2014 / 19:13

    Sue, i absolutely love this post. The river island pants that you bought yourself are amazing, i love the colours!! Also, i love the different shades of lipstick, 🙂 Keep up the good work!! x

  4. Lolly
    10 April 2014 / 18:41

    Defo agree with Irish Girl!! I love So Sue Me blog but things are starting to get priiiiicy! Thats not to say you dont deserve them Sue but they are not stuff I could ever afford!

  5. Carmel
    10 April 2014 / 12:18

    So upsetting when things are robbed, I have become absolutely in love with Louboutins and Michael Kors since I’ve started reading your blog! I cannot wait to be able to buy some for myself 🙂 I have a Thomas Sabo bracelet that I love, and thats are far as my designer goes for the minute (I’m a broke college student :-P)
    Keep up the good work Sue! 🙂 x

  6. 10 April 2014 / 09:29

    And that’s ok…. I totally understand that. But I am not dressed head to toe in designer all of the time. I invested in a few pairs of Louboutins and received a pair from Dylan for my birthday. They are truly an amazing quality shoe and for someone like myself who needs to look good, attend events all of the time – I need quality shoes that went with everything and they are them. Buying Louboutins are also a big tick of the bucket list for me… for years I have been working towards buying myself designer wear and at times I do now- the blog is still very much high-street and always will be. Sure all of the products I use are from the pharmacy. It’s unfair to say that the items listed above do not apply to you. Its a mix of high street and designer, not full designer.

    If you love SoSueMe and you too are growing with the success of my blog – then you wouldn’t mind a little designer here and there. It should inspire people and show people that with a lot of hard work – they TOO can afford this nice things, if they want them! Thanks for your comment. Sue x

  7. 10 April 2014 / 09:23

    It’s so disheartening isnt it 🙁 anyway – happy shopping today Jen! xx

  8. Irishdoll
    10 April 2014 / 00:55

    Sue they look amazing and that is horrible about your boots no-one deserves that. Me and my friends were discussin your posts lately…I don’t say this in a hate way jus more sadly, but we all came to the conclusion that the reason we all loved your blog at the start was because it was real and affordable for the average female in Ireland, penny’s and dunnes were ur tips etc. we all said fair play to you for working hard and gettin to where you are is great and you have worked hard to get the items listed above but we feel they no longer apply to us as we will never afford louboutins, Louis vuittons or michael korrs. Not a hater at all just a few regular people lookin for your old regular tips and i think ypur the type of person that likes to know what her followers liked about you the most.Thank you.

  9. carhar3
    9 April 2014 / 21:53

    I want to go straight to Oasis too. Online shopping me thinks. Sue that is so horrible about your boots, they were so amazing!! Loved em.

  10. Jennifer O'Gorman
    9 April 2014 / 20:33

    Love the outfits post Sue. And as for the thief who robbed your boots, such bad form. It happened me on honeymoon last year as well. Like you I never thought that my stuff would be robbed. Unfortunately our travel insurance said tough and it wasn’t covered. I was so gutted.
    Anyway I’m going straight to Oasis at lunch time tomorrow!

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