10 Spring Wardrobe Essentials

Now that Spring is upon us, a lot of people like to reinvent their wardrobe for the new season.

Even if the weather doesn’t cooperate with the season it still gives us a nice feeling seeing all the lighter colours in the shops and feeling like we can cast away the heaviness of Winter fashion.

So if you are looking for some Spring Wardrobe staple pieces, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Spring Essentials for you right here.

1) A white blazer

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Replace your black blazer with its polar opposite – The white blazer. Fresh and crisp for a new clean month, but with the same function as any blazer. Wear it in the office, Wear it with skinny jeans, or wear it over your LBD.

2) Fresh Converse/Runners

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What is it about new runners that make us feel so good inside?! Why not treat yourself to a pair of Cons or Nikes in a new light bright colour. The perfect casual shoe to lead you into Summer. Motivate yourself into a new fitness routine with fresh running gear.

3) Boyfriend Jeans

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Step out of your skinnies and into a pair of boyfriend jeans. Looser, comfier and super trendy. Boyfriend jeans are the perfect Spring/Summer pant as you can roll the leg up or down and wear them as baggy as you want – Comfy!

4) Floral Print


Spring has not sprung without flowers. Floral print will be everywhere this time of year. Whether it’s a floral print top or a flower print dress, inject some Spring loveliness into your wardrobe with a Spring key print. Okay it might be too chilly to go bare legged, but ease yourself in by wearing floral dress over a pair of tights even?

5) A new season hat


Spring is the perfect time to begin your boho-phase. Light floaty dresses with long sleeves, flat ankle boots – all topped off with a floppy hat. No more Winter woollies.

6) Pastel Nails


So it might be too early to start baring our toes, but don’t you just feel so much more complete with a nice pedicure and colour on your fingers and toes? Ditch the darker Winter shades in favour of lighter pastel shades – baby pinks, blues and even white. Something light and fresh to finish off your Spring look.

7) White shirt


Once you have a white shirt in your wardrobe, you’ll find you can wear it with almost everything. With an office look, with your boyfriend jeans, or tied up shorter with a skirt or shorts.

8) Nude shoes


Add a pair of nude shoes to your Spring wardrobe and you’ll never look back. For any evening looks in the coming months they’ll be your girls. Weddings, Christenings, Birthdays, there’s not many occasions where a nude shoe is not welcome. Going nude also creates the illusion of longer legs as you are no longer cutting your leg length off with a block of colour or black.

9) A lighter make up palette


During Winter months we tend to wear heavier make up, whether its a smoky eye or a more bronzed face. Once Spring hits, try lighten the load. Lose the dark eyes and heavy toned face. Light, dewy skin is in. You can still give yourself a strong lip, but why not try a peach or pink instead of red or plum?!

10) Spring Knits


Okay Okay, So let’s be honest. ‘What about the weather?’ I hear you all ask. Let’s face it, we won’t feel any heat until at LEAST April. Have us Irish ever let a bit of cold weather get in the way of our fashion? Even so. There are fabulous pastel knits everywhere on the high street now.

Why not team several of the above pieces together for an ultimate Spring look, while also keeping warm?! Pop your white shirt under your jumper, with your boyfriend jeans. Add either cons or shoes for a day/evening look.

Of course we aren’t saying ditch your Winter pieces altogether, so try transition some of these styles into your wardrobe by mix & match.




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