What 90’s Fashion Trend Is Making A Comeback?


We’ve seen a lot of 90’s fashion trends revived over the last year or so, but is this latest one taking things a bit too far?

Who remembers wearing skirts over trousers? Or have you blocked the memory out of your mind? Back in the day i guess us fashionable teens couldn’t make our minds up whether to go for a feminine skirt or tomboy pants, so we opted for both. Not always with fabulous results.

You might change your mind, however, when you see the celeb who has already spear-headed this trend revival …


That’s right, none other than the stylish Beyonce Knowles shared this snap of her chic look. A crisp white pencil skirt over white capri pants, the singer managed to make this look more classy than cringey. By adding a black crop top and cat eye sunglasses Queen B gave this a modern monochrome edge, taking away that mixed up 90s feel.

She’s not the only one trying this trend. Actress Emma Watson has been a long-time fan, wearing a dress over pants at 2 separate red carpet events over the recent years.


71st Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals

Emma received positive reviews for this daring red carpet look, so what do you think? Is this a trend you’ll try?


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