A/W Trend Alert: The Baker Boy Cap


Hi guys!

Nearly Friday… God that week has flown! I’m actually working this weekend and I can’t wait as it involves a very exciting event.

Tomorrow night I am going to be popping into Tigh Nora’s in Galway City for the launch of Gordon’s new pink gin (have you seen it? It looks so pretty!) I have to say, I am loving gin lately, we even had a gin bar as a feature at our wedding and it went down a TREAT!! So I am really looking forward to a few gins in Galway’s finest gin bar tomorrow night 🙂

Also this weekend, we are going to be popping into the Self Build Live this weekend at Citywest. We’re hoping to start building next year so we’re going to head in to try and get some ideas. I mentioned it on my Facebook but in case you missed it, the tickets (which normally cost €10) are free if you book here using the code SOSUEME.

But back to today’s post!

I couldn’t believe how many snaps and comments I got about the baker boy cap I was wearing during the Snapchat videos I posted from London yesterday. I actually bought it from Penney’s before summer. It was part of a festival look I put together for a Primark campaign I was working on at the time.

c. july 2017

Outfit – Primark / Watch – Cluse 

Funnily enough, the baker boy cap (also known as a cabby hat) is being tipped as the new trend for A/W and has been spotted on a number of top bloggers and models!

It was also an accessory that featured heavily during yesterday’s first day of New York Fashion Week. (Believe it or not, berets are also starting to take off as a trend, including slogan emblazoned ones such as this!!)

baker boy cap

I don’t know if Primark still has the one I bought, but if they don’t, I have listed some very similar baker boy caps below, so if you want to pick one up, there’s plenty of choice below.

A baker boy cap is such stylish way to finish off a look but it’s also a GREAT solution for those days when your hair is a little greasy, or when it just won’t sit properly. Even if you think your hair looks a state, you will look so polished when you throw on a tailored baker boy cap.

I love the idea of wearing a really tailored cap like this glam one with skinny jeans and a plain tee and heels, or even with a cute maxi dress and a cropped jacket. They also come in different colours and styles, such as leather, faux fur, check, chain detailed, etc. Personally though, I think a plain baker boy cap is a good one to start with because you can wear it with anything.

I love the way these bloggers styled up their looks using a baker boy cap! Their shots might give you some inspo as well.


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Hope you liked my picks! 

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