CLUSE Summer In The City!


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Hi guys!

Greetings from Dubai.

You might remember I recently posted an image from a shoot to showcase my CLUSE La Boheme watch.

The campaign was called ‘Timeless Summer’ and the theme was ‘Summer in the City’, one I really enjoyed shooting.

Even though my beautiful hometown of Skerries isn’t exactly a city, I LOVED shooting this campaign down by the harbour there as it’s where my friends and I used to spend so many of our summers, so not surprisingly, I have lots of great memories there.

On the day we shot my latest CLUSE campaign, we had such fab weather, and when the sun is out, there really isn’t anywhere nicer than Skerries harbour … especially when you have a ‘Storm in the Teacup’ ice cream in hand of course! Actual. Bliss

As much as I love the buzz of a city, there’s something so calming about being near the sea, and I also love that it’s near where I live too because it allows me to get the best of both worlds.

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As I said in my CLUSE Instagram post last week, our wedding is just weeks away now and the days are all blending into one (arrgh, so many things left to do!!) so when my head is feeling a little overwhelmed from bridal tasks, I always head off for a walk to the harbour and let the fresh air clear my mind.

At the moment, the days aren’t long enough to fit in everything I need to do, and as the big day is creeping up so fast, I’m really busy trying to tick things off our to-do lists. In saying that, I’m also really treasuring these last few weeks and just savouring the whole build-up to what will be the biggest day of my life … and my favourite summer ever!

My long time readers will probably know that I always associate different memories with different pieces of jewellery, and because CLUSE‘s Timeless Summer campaign has made me associate this watch with this particular summer, I know that every time I wear it in the years to come, it’s going to instantly take me back to this special summer when I was a bride-to-be rushing about the place trying to get things done, and feeling everything from happiness to excitement to nerves!

Then there’s the La Vedette CLUSE watch that I love, as it always reminds me of my grandfather. It instantly takes me back and I know it will be no different with my new La Boheme watch.


I know I will get a ton of questions about the watch in question. For those who would like to know, you can pick it up here and I got mine in the shade Silver Hazelnut.

This time next month it will be the eve of our big day…. the countdown is on!

Have a great evening, guys! 






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