From Festival Fashion to Summer Staple

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Trends may come and go throughout the year, but one thing that never goes out of style is – Festival Fashion.

In recent years ‘Festival Fashion’ has become a huge culture almost overtaking the music itself. It begins in April with California’s Coachella where we swoon over the stylish celebrities and models that flock to the sunny land-locked valley, then continues through the Summer with all the top UK and Ireland festivals as well as the lucky few who attend exotic festivals further abroad.

Bloggers and every other media feast on the tweets and tumblrs showcasing the ‘street style’ at these festivals and due to this growing fascination with it, it has since become hugely influential on high street fashion for the Summer.


Denim shorts, which yes, were always a holiday staple, are now being rocked over tights or with wellies down in a field in Laois. Flower crowns which originated in the hippy 70’s now adorn the heads of most twenty-somethings.

Festivals have literally changed the face of Summer fashion.

Its now perfectly acceptable to don a maxi dress to a muddy field because its ‘part of the look’. Oversize sunnies, floppy hats, crop tops and bikini tops – We girls can now look like we’re off to the beach when really we’re off to dance to our favourite artists!


Even retailers are taking over sponsorship of the festivals themselves. Penneys installed a pop-up shop for Oxegen previously, and H & M were sponsors of Coachella last week. Its a win-win for all, with brands getting perfect promotional opportunities and festival goers getting the chance to shop while they bop.

Even if you aren’t attending any festivals this year, you will be sure to see plenty Festival-Influenced fashion on the high street (if it’s not already in your wardrobe!)




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