Festival Fashion: Top 10 Tips

Glastonbury Festival 2013 - Day 2

Festival season is nearly over, with Electric Picnic finishing off the Summer next week. It’s a tricky one to pack for as it’s bang in the middle of transitional season. Not quite Summer, not quite Autumn. Will it rain? Will it shine? In Ireland, who knows?

So we’ve compiled some top tips for styling yourself for this final festival.

1) Hats – A hat is an all rounder. If the sun comes out, your face and eyes are protected, if it suddenly showers then your hair is protected too. It’s the perfect way to remain stylish without worrying about the weather. (Also by day 3 you may not have the luxury of washing your hair and there’s only so much dry shampoo can do for  gal – Greasy hair be gone!)


2) Avoid play suits at all cost. Trust me from experience, they may look cute, but peeing in a portaloo is traumatic enough a feat as it is. Add a play suit to the mix – I think you get the picture.

3) Always pack a pair of opaques. If you’re daring to bare with festival staple hot-pants or a girly dress, it may get chillier in the evening. A pair of tights doesn’t take up too much space in your handbag and can be simply popped with your outfit if needed, always a reliable add-on.

4) Be playful with your fashion choices. Festivals are like mini holidays for some of us and they’re all about having fun and being free especially at the ‘picnic’. Wear a crazy maxi dress, or throw on some face-paint. Everyone is going to look different but nobody is going to be judging.


5)  As much as we’d like to think we can dress like Coachella, our darling Irish weather isn’t going to allow that. Not to worry. There are still plenty of ways to look stylish while covering up. Take a note out of Millie Mackintosh’s book (top pic) a structured parka teamed with hot pants and a crop top can be a total chic choice. Who cares if you’re teaming them with wellies. That’s all part of the fun.

6) Never underestimate the power of a great big scarf. Scarves – i know, i can’t believe we’re cracking them out again so soon either, BUT they are a trusty item to pack for a festival. So versatile. A cover-up when its cold, obvs, wrap around your head if it rains or lie it on the ground as a blanket for relaxing moments while a band is playing.

7) If you really cant face a jacket or a raincoat, then keep the summer kimono trend going by using one as a light jacket. You can choose from so many fab prints and patterns and I’ve seen lots of long ones recently on the high street which are perfect for keeping those pins warm.


8) Get inspiration from previous Summer festivals and incorporate it into your own look. So maybe shorts aren’t your thing – try a skater skirt or a floaty dress instead, add tights. Like a festival outfit but afraid its not ‘weather suitable’ – add a coat, or swap sandals for wellies. It’s actually easier to look stylish when you can add layers to your look. Ponchos, waistcoats, cardigans and scarves can all be worn over Summer crop tops and shorts. Go for a mix of both seasons!

9) Always be comfortable. If you are trying a new look make sure you try it on beforehand. Can you sit in it, Can you dance easily? Will you last all day in what you are wearing? Festival days are long days and you want the day to pass with ease. So no high heels or wedges, and no tight clothing if you’re not used to it.

10) Pack lightly. As much as we’ve given you several outfit choices – Try stick to one or two. A dress is always an easy option as its all you need. Bring one pair of trusty shorts and mix and match your tee’s. You don’t want to be lugging across a field with camping equipment AND half your wardrobe. A small shoulder bag for the day is also a must. Only pack the essentials!!!


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