Get The Burberry Look!


The Burberry look is so simple but so distinctive at the same time.

Unfortunately, this elegant simplicity comes with a hefty price tag.

On the upside, it’s pretty easy to recreate the famous Burberry look without leaving a gaping hole in your bank account!


When shopping for a Burberry style, keep in mind that their signature colours are usually camel, nude, brown, light pink, and white, while their signature style is always sleek, chic, and tailored. The pattern, meanwhile, is usually either plain or check.

Below are some Burberry-esque pieces without the Burberry prices!

(If however you want to buy a signature Burberry scarf as an investment piece, then you can pick it up here – or click on the scarf image below)

*Please note that Suzanne may receive partial payment from the above links



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