Ireland AM Styling Slot: My Top Winter Picks From Vavavoom.ie

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Evening guys! 🙂

Hope you all had a great Monday despite the freeeeeezing cold!

I’m absolutely wrecked after today! Dylan and I flew in from London pretty late last night and with an alarm call for 5am, I was no sooner in bed when I had to get up again!

The reason for my early start was my styling slot for Ireland AM. This morning, I was in studio showcasing my top glam winter picks from Irish fashion website, Vavavoom.ie.

If you missed the slot, don’t worry, you can still catch it here!

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Some of the styles are very Victoria Beckham inspired, particularly the midi-dress and the cape (both of which were loved by the girls in TV3 this morning!) but I think you guys will especially love the dress with the blue metallic-style skirt. It actually looks like a two-piece, and as you will see in the video I’m wearing the silver version of it. Either one would be ideal for the Christmas season. It’s such a fab looking party dress.

Personally, I fell head over heels for the stylish black faux-fur coat. I tried it on this morning and not only did it look really elegant on, it was also very warm too!

Lots of you will also love the seriously stylish sandy-brown gloves that model Thalia wore with a gorgeous red cape-style jumper and wet-look leggings. The gloves have small silver pads on the thumb and index finger so you can use your touchscreen phone without having to remove the gloves! Genius!

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Overall, I think you guys will really like the winter looks I chose from Vavavoom for this morning’s slot. They’re so glam and best of all, they’re so affordable too so you can treat yourself without worrying about the credit card bill. Bonus! 

Don’t forget, Vavavoom.ie have next day delivery on orders placed before 8:15pm, and free delivery in Ireland on orders over €50.

Happy shopping!


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