LFW Debuts The Next Stage In Wearable Tech!!

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While all eyes are on our Sue and her incredible journey across the atlantic for NY Fashion Week, there’s been a story gathering some momentum from London Fashion Week today. Wearable technology, like it or not, is here to stay, and with products like smartwatches, Google Glass and Nike Fuelbands all big business. It was only a matter of time before someone took the next step and put together a full dress with the help of technology.

Today, unveiled by Richard Nicoll, was a dress that incorporated some very simple technology to quite literally light up the catwalk. Dubbed the “Tinkerbell dress” by those who got to see it, the simple yet stunning design was a fibre optic slip dress worn over a simple grey vest top.


The fringed white-light dress combined ultimate glam with simple everyday wear and the gym-to-club look was met with much praise as people took to Twitter and within a matter of minutes his design was trending on the social media site.

It remains to be seen if retailers would ever take the plunge and commission a full range of something like this, but one thing is very clear is that as technology becomes more affordable and designers get more creative with their work, wearable tech is a trend that the fashion world can’t afford to ignore for too much longer.


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(Images courtesy Express, Twitter, Richard Nicoll)


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