Louis Vuitton Unveils The Must-Have Bag of 2014


Unveiled only this morning, Louis Vuitton has unveiled it’s “Petite-Malle” bag, and already waiting lists are a mile long to own one of these luxury items. The designer tote has been hailed as the “must have” fashion accessory of the year by numerous media outlets.


Designer Nicolas Ghesquiére is the man behind the bag, and it’s his first creation for the fashion giant. If this anything to go by, it could prove to be a match made in heaven!! After the departure of Marc Jacobs from the brand, there were fears that latest range might not meet the high benchmark Jacobs has set over during his reign, but those fears were quashed today with the big reveal.


The Autumn/Winter bag collection has more variety than in recent years, with the silver Epi Petite-Malle and it’s removable cover a real showstopper. Another practical feature is that the straps on most of the bags are removable, turning them into a cute clutch. unfortunately, the price of these new bags is listed as “on demand”, meaning if you have to ask, you probably cant afford them.


(Images and source – The Guardian, HarpersBazaar)




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