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Lupita Nyong’o Shares Her Style Inspos!!


There’s no doubt that one star has stood out on the red carpet this year, above all others when it comes to style. Lupita Nyong’o actress has been owning the red carpets this awards season with a series of eye-catching dresses, and has been spotted front and centre at New York Fashion Week.

So it’s been a breath of fresh air to witness Lupita Nyong’o, a relatively unknown actress who turned in a stellar performance in 12 Years A Slave, strutting her stuff at various awards bashes this season – a similar transformation to Jennifer Lawrence’s from unglamorous mountain gal in Winter’s Bone to budding fashion icon back in 2010.


It’s been quite the few months for Nyong’o, who has turned heads for her sharp fashion sense, graced the cover of New York Magazine’s Spring Fashion issue, and has fashion houses like Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney begging her to wear their designer gowns on Oscar night next Sunday. She recently sat down with The Daily Beast to chat about her unique style.

[quote]“Until all this, I hadn’t been a student of the fashion industry as a formal industry, I wasn’t the girl who bought the fashion magazines, I’d always just worn what appeals to me. I know that even if I don’t buy the magazines and stuff, with fashion and style, you pick up influences all the time—if your eyes are open, you’re being influenced by fashion and style, whether you like it or not.”[/quote]



The 30-year-old actress revealed that her first fashion inspiration has been her mother, Dorothy, who she describes as a very colourful dresser blessed with an unflinching approach towards clothes…an attitude that Nyong’o has adopted herself. Once she became enmeshed in the acting world, she turned to some timeless Hollywood icons for style guidance.

[quote]“I’ve admired from afar people like Elizabeth Taylor, Iman, and Cate Blanchett. When I knew I was going to be doing the press tour for 12 Years A Slave, I got to work and started researching what was happening in the formal world of fashion to try and articulate to myself what my style would be in it all. It’s been a great education—a great discovery—to find clothing artists who are doing things that I feel express something about myself. And there are so many.”[/quote]


As far as Nyong’o’s own style is concerned, she’s been known, like her mother, for choosing colourful dresses with her dark skin, resulting in a striking and elegant contrast.

[quote]“I love color and gravitate towards solid block colours, I like clean lines and a classic look, but I also like to have a sense of humour and wear things that put a smile on my face. I like to wear things, I don’t like things to wear me. I don’t like fuss!”[/quote]

One thing is for sure, all eyes will on Lupita for the biggest night in Hollywood come Sunday, and if we were to call it, we reckon she’ll be leaving with a splash of gold to compliment whatever outfit she wears to the Oscars.


(Images and source – The Daily Beast)



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