A ‘Mean Girls’ Jewellery Line for its 10th Anniversary

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To celebrate the films 10 year anniversary, LA based designers Stella & Bow are releasing a ‘Mean Girls‘ themed jewellery line …

That is so fetch!!!

Can you believe this movie is 10 years old? Then again, it feels like we’ve been quoting from it forever.

The jewellery duo have taken inspiration from some of the films most memorable quotes and created a once-off capsule collection. It includes bracelets, necklaces and even hairpins sporting catchphrases such as ‘ Fetch’ , ‘Duh’ and ‘You can’t sit with us’.



original (1)


original (2)


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These are perfect little treats for those who are mega fans of the movie. The collection will go on sale from February but you can pre-order from the website now.

And if you need to brush on your quotes, Check out this Youtube compilation of the best quotes …

(imagesource:stella&bow, meangirlconfessions)



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