Monday…. x

image Hello Monday….. Hope everyone is having a nice morning so far?

Monday’s are always the worst, but that being said – Monday for me this week doesn’t seem as bad, because I am leaving for NYC first thing in the morning and I am so excited!! I told you guys about my NYC news last week and I am dying to get there. I have never been to America or NYC and to say I am like a child at xmas is an understatement! 🙂 I am just about finished packing… which was a nightmare by the way! #IHatePacking

I remember in January when I was writing my list of goals for the year ahead, going to NYC was one….. but actually getting to attend NYFW and write a chapter for my second book over there – well, I never ever thought that would happen. It just goes to show that when you work hard and set goals – good things will happen.

When I started this blog x4 years ago – I was just a normal girl with a passion for beauty and fashion. I had just being made redundant from my job, which left me having to move home, sell my car and start all over again. I soon found myself down in myself and in a part time job that had no future, and, one wet Wednesday I started blogging and I havent looked back.

Blogging has changed my life and it has brought me so much happiness and fulfilment. I do sometimes think that some people forget how hard I’ve worked, thinking I was handed what I achieved on a plate. When I see bad comments on other blogs and sites about me or people just having a dig at me in general –  it sometimes upsets me. I honestly dont know why someone would have such a hate or nastiness towards someone they dont know, I’m not hurting anyone, I started from the bottom, worked my ass off and I’m proud of where I’ve come! As my mam always says, be the reason someone has a good day and not a bad.

The positive emails and private messages I get on a daily basis remind me why I started blogging so thank you! It means the world to me when you guys email me and tell me how I have helped you or changed your life, even a small way. 🙂

So… back to the NYC talk, sorry about going off the topic there…. 🙂


When we arrive in NYC tomorrow morning  –  it’s a busy first few days attending some NWFW shows that I just got confirmed for…I am so excited and I cant wait to get stuck in and network the hell out of the place – you never know who you might meet in the city where dreams are made of!

I will be blogging while I’m over there and updating my Instagram, FB and Twitter with my happenings – so if your interested, stay tuned for my updates 🙂

Have a great day everyone and see you on the other side (NYC),

Sue xx



  1. MC
    9 September 2014 / 22:33

    I’m leaving for my first trip to New York tomorrow! I’m so excited! So excited you get to experience fashion week!

  2. P.C
    8 September 2014 / 17:01

    Enjoy every second!!

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