My Pre-Wedding Event Outfit Details


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Hey ladies!

This will probably be my last blog post as Miss! 🙂 My wedding is on Saturday and I can’t bloody wait for it!

This week has been a busy one of wedding get-togethers, and because of that, outfit planning was essential.

When Pretty Little Thing got in touch to collaborate on some summer looks, I knew it was the perfect time with the special events I had coming up.

I chose three comfortable, summery outfits, perfect for our Irish weather! 🙂

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Look 1

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On Saturday, I was nipping about the place getting things done so I decided to wear something super comfortable which is why I opted for stylish loungewear.

I chose this royal blue number for a couple of reasons. Comfort was number one, but I also loved the high-waisted trousers and the cute matching hoodie. I always prefer high-waisted trousers because they tend to give that little extra coverage in the tummy area too.

This outfit is also great to wear when you’re travelling! Whether it’s a car journey or a long haul flight, it’s definitely one you will feel SO comfortable in!

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Look 2 

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On Tuesday night we had our church rehearsal which was good bit of craic!

We had a laugh and some jokes with the priest, and it was just really nice for the top table to get together because not everyone involved would see the others all that frequently.

For this occasion, I wanted to wear something comfortable, stylish and church appropriate.

As you can see, I teamed the jeans and shirt with a white blazer for when we were in the church and then when we went for a drink afterwards, I removed the blazer for more of a night time look as the shirt has such beautiful back detail to it.

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I’m definitely a blazer girl, I wear them all the time; I think they just instantly smarten up a look, and I know this white blazer is going to be a new fave of mine because it’s the kind that can be teamed with pretty much any outfit.

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Look 3

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My favourite look of all was this red and white combo which I wore last nigh to our bridal party dinner. I wanted something that was comfortable, classy, and summery, and this totally fit the bill.

The jeans I particularly loved because they were nice and stretchy and just really comfortable to wear. They were also high-waisted, basically everything I love in a jean!

The bell sleeved top went perfectly with them too. I teamed the look with studded court shoes, but I think they would look amazing with pearl embellished heels which I have featured in the list below.

Yesterday evening was so much fun. The sun was sun was shining as we were heading down to the harbour, and there was such a summery vibe in Skerries which really had everyone in a great mood! We all relaxed for the evening and just enjoyed chatting about the build up to the big day.

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My outfits this week would actually be what I would describe as potential city break outfits. I think if you’re taking a trip to somewhere like London, Paris, etc, then any of these looks would really work. They are all super stylish but comfortable at the same time which makes them perfect for wearing on a trip.

Right, so I think I’m just about finished all those last minute bits and bobs! Wrecked!

Have a great evening guys! The next time I’ll be chatting with you, I’ll be Mrs O’Connor!!! Ahhh how exciting :))

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